Radar Online: Ted Cruz Cheating Scandal Is Going To Explode!

As we reported Ted Cruz’s office was among those listed in the Ashley Madison dump and his number may be on the D.C. Madam’s list. Now Radar Online is reporting the Cruz Sex Scandal is about to explode! In an article titled “Ted Cruz Cheating Scandal Explodes! Presidential Hopeful Named In Murdered D.C. Madam’s Black Book, Investigators Charge. ” they are reporting more information will be coming forth. Using a photo with the words “If you don’t know what this is. It is a page of Debra Pelfrey’s phone records. (The DC Madam) Ted Cruz private phone number’s are on it”.  The online publication also claims this new bombshell will rock the Wisconsin Primary.

Embattled White House candidate Ted Cruz‘s cheating scandal is set to explode wide-open, with fresh — and blockbuster — allegations that the married conservative senator was named in the black book of a notorious Washington D.C. madam who mysteriously died, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Montgomery Blair Sibley, a former lawyer for madam Deborah Palfrey, has filed a dramatic appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court for permission to publish her unconventional “black book,” which consists of some 15,000 pages of phone records and calls to clients, as well as their calls requesting the $300-an-hour services from her gaggle of beautiful hookers!

Sibley told The National ENQUIRER that “time is of the essence” to release the list because one or more of the phone numbers would provide bombshell information that is “relevant to voters before they cast their ballot.”

He currently is barred by a lower court order from releasing the records or naming names.

But Radar has learned The National ENQUIRER will this week report its findings of yet another exhaustive and investigative probe that will quote journalist detectives who claim the mystery candidate almost certainly “has to be Cruz.”

Investigator Wayne Madsen, who was on a team of reporters hired by Hustler Magazine’s boisterous owner Larry Flynt to investigate the madam, told The ENQUIRER that Cruz should be concerned!

“If Montgomery Sibley has what he says he has, it has to be Cruz,” he said in an interview — an advance copy of which was provided to Radar.

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