Interesting and Urgent Ballot Information for Wisconsin Voters – Video


A really good interview in Wisconsin with a high-information voter who shares some concerns and considerations about tomorrow’s election.

Good Watch:


Update:  Here’s the Ballot


Updating again :

Here is an explanation of “uninstructed delegates” that I have taken from this pdf from the Government Accountability Board.

The Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.) has been asked to provide an explanation regarding votes for uninstructed delegates at the Presidential Preference Primary that election inspectors and staff conducting in-person absentee voting may relay to voters who ask about the effect of choosing the uninstructed delegate selection. While the exact consequences and procedures related to uninstructed delegates vary because they are determined by the respective political parties, it is possible to provide a basic explanation of the term uninstructed delegate. For the purpose of consistency, the G.A.B. advises that, if asked, an election inspector or staff conducting in-person absentee voting may provide the following explanation:

The purpose of the Presidential Preference Primary is to provide direction to the delegates representing Wisconsin for each of the two major political parties at the national convention of the respective parties. Uninstructed Delegation is a voter’s way of directing the delegates to make their own decisions at the party’s national convention instead of voting for a particular candidate, subject to any rules of the party’s convention.



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  • C-Ann-C

    This is VOTER FRAUD of the WORST!! If this is a Cruz CAMPAIGN FRAUD, like they did in IOWA, then ALL the WISCONSIN VOTERS need to REALLY KNOW about this! Once they find out about it, they should be voting TRUMP!!!! This needs to go NATIONAL NEWS! LOCAL NEWS! RADIO! EVERYWHERE! If I were a voter in Wisconsin and found this out, I’d be going to the Voter Registration office and REPORT THIS FRAUD and STAY THERE until THEY do something about it, have an official from the Voter Registration office GO TO THE POLLS, tell the voters to NOT CHECK THAT BOX that says “UNINSTRUCTED DELEGATION” or else THEY WILL LOSE THEIR DELEGATES to CRUZ no matter WHO WINS WISCONSIN and they are obviously afraid that TRUMP will WIN!!! GOOD GRIEF what the BLAZES is WRONG with these VOTER FRAUDS going all around the COUNTRY!!! It’s OBSTRUCTION of VOTER RIGHTS!! It’s SUPPRESSION of VOTER RIGHTS!! It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL and someone has to be ARRESTED for it and THROWN IN JAIL for it and be PROSECUTED for it!!

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  • SandyT

    Ted Cruz is NOT even constitutionally eligible to BE president or vp. One MUST be born in the U.S. or its jurisdiction (Canada is NOT U.S. jurisdiction) to a citizen father and a citizen mother, to be eligible for the presidency or vp. He IS a “citizen”, a “naturalized by congressional statute” citizen, but NOT a natural born citizen. If he were to win the presidency, he would be just another usurper in the White House, like the one we have NOW. Obama was never eligible, even if he had been born IN the White House, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The Constitution is more important than any party or any candidate’s political ambition. We got Obama because people ignored the Constitution!

    • John Best

      If bHO got away with it, Cruz won’t have a problem.

      • SandyT

        He may not have a problem, John, but does the Constitution mean so little to you? Would you like for Valerie Jarrett to be running for president? She was born to two U.S. citizen parents and also born in a foreign country, IRAN. If we allow Cruz, how could we challenge her?

        • Miss Annie

          I think John was being sarcastic, which is sometimes hard to detect in text. It is quite disgusting that BO has gotten away with it and all of the suits filed against Cruz have been dismissed so far.

  • John Best

    I guess the cheese filled, cholesterol clogged arteries blocked oxygen to many Wisconsinites brains. I thought they wanted security and jobs. Cruz must’ve offered them cheese and beer to vote for him.