I Just Voted In Wisconsin

My hubby and I just got home from voting a short time ago everything was different. The old machines were gone. In the past you would vote and on the same machine, press a button and it would print on the side of the machine. If your vote was recorded accurately you pressed another button and you were done. You got to visually make sure the machine was correctly inputting the choices you made.

Today we had a choice to vote by paper ballot or on a machine. We decided I would use the paper ballot and he would vote on the machine. If you vote via paper ballot you then take that ballot and feed it into a new machine. If you vote on the machine it gives you a slip of paper showing your votes and then you feed that slip into the second machine.

Here’s the disturbing part when you feed it into the new machine it does not show you if your vote was recorded correctly. It’s gone poof into the locked box below only showing a number. The number is just a count of what number voter you were nothing else. I asked our election official about the new machine expressing my concern. He said they would match or cross check the tally on the machine with the ballets later. OK I can see them doing that here it’s a really small area. They’re sticklers here on the rules, even if they know you personally, they still look at your driver’s license.

I told him I am concerned about larger area’s like Madison and Milwaukee. He shook his head in agreement. I could tell he was not too thrilled with how it is now. We also discussed the uninstructed delegation box and it was clear by his facial expressions he shared my concern. If you check the box you are allowing a delegate to choose the candidate.

“The purpose of the Presidential Preference Primary is to provide direction to the delegates representing Wisconsin for each of the two major political parties at the national convention of the respective parties.  Uninstructed Delegation is a voter’s way of directing the delegates to make their own decisions at the party’s national convention instead of voting for a particular candidate, subject to any rules of the party’s convention. “

If you have questions with respect to this memorandum, please contact the G.A.B. Help Desk at 608-261-2028 or gabhelpdesk@wi.gov.

Why bother to vote if you don’t want to pick. It’s pretty ridiculous that it’s even on there. I hope people weren’t duped into thinking they were supposed to check it. There’s no explanation for it on the ballot.

The election official didn’t like the situation anymore than I did, but in the end it was what it was. This was in St. Croix County, WI. I will be checking with relatives in Waterford to see if it was changed in their area. I will update when I find out.

I took a photo of my ballot while in the booth unfortunately it’s kind of blurry.


  • Pete Rosetto

    There needs to be a national standard set on voting machines. Each poll must show the voter the counts before they cast their vote, show the counts afterwards and then allow the voter to accept or cancel process. This crap needs to end. Caucuses need to be removed completely from the process. One person, one vote and ONLY confirmed delegates. No more changing your mind once you’re at convention… The delegate is there representing a majority of voters, period.

  • Bradley Kepler

    so Wisconsin …which con did you fall for? The Cruz as Outsider Con…OR the Cruz as Christian Con? As an Ohioian we had at least the excuse that we voted for our Governor…what’s yours?

  • Derp_Meowslurp

    i have a hard time believing that Cruz could half a million voters out of their houses; he could barely pull people to his rallies. I understand Bernie getting that much, but Cruz has not exactly lit a fire under anyone.

  • Dawn Michelle

    Lets all donate $12.37 to Trump! Go to official Trump website to donate. #stopthesteal #Trump1237