Stephen Miller : Video – Cruz is a Radical Wall Street Globalist Who Will Rip the Beating Heart out of American Manufacturing



Donald Trump senior policy advisor Stephen J. Miller –on loan from the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions– talks about Ted Cruz’s history in the Senate, his support for foreign worker visas and international trade deals, and his unfounded attacks on Donald Trump. This incredible rant was delivered as an introduction for the GOP frontrunner in Wisconsin on the day before that state’s primary.

“I’m going to take just a moment to tell each and every one of you,” he said. “The real truth about Goldman Sachs’ favorite senator, Ted Cruz.”

“Ted Cruz is a radical Wall Street globalist who will rip the beating heart of manufacturing out of the United States of America,” he said. “Ted Cruz sided with Goldman Sachs and the globalists over the issue of trade… We can not let that happen.”

STEPHEN J. MILLER: In just a couple of minutes we’re going to be hearing from the man who is going to save America: Donald J. Trump.

Before Mr. Trump takes the stage, I’m going to take just a moment to tell each and every one of you –as Mr. Trump’s senior policy advisor– the real truth about Goldman Sachs’ favorite senator, Ted Cruz.

[Crowd boos, shouts of “Lyin’ Ted” are heard]

Ted Cruz doesn’t want to talk about the issues in this race, in fact Ted Cruz is so eager to avoid talking about the issues in this race. The issues affecting your lives.

Ted Cruz himself is bringing up hit pieces on him. Ted Cruz brought up the Enquirer and then blamed us for that. Ted Cruz is probably going to bring up the D.C. Madam story and blame us for that too.

Because he doesn’t want to talk about the issues affecting your life.

I was working in the Senate in 2013, and we had an epic fight over immigration — relevant to the lives of every person in this room. Ted Cruz put forward an amendment to double Muslim immigration into the United States. No screening, no security measures. Nothing to prevent ISIS from infiltrating this coutnry.

Because Ted Cruz is an extremist. Ted Cruz introduced an amendment to increase by 500% the number of foreign workers coming into this country. That is an extreme and radical agenda. Do you want to support someone like Ted Cruz who puts foreign workers ahead of American workers?

Or do you want someone like Donald J. Trump who beleives in jobs and wages for American workers first.

On another issue that that lives of you and every person in this state. Ted Cruz sided with Goldman Sachs and the globalists over the issue of trade. In 2015, Barack Obama came to the U.S. Senate and said, I need you to help me pass this trade bill. My TPP.

And you know what Ted Cruz said? He said: Yes sir, whatever you want.

Do you want to support a man like Ted Cruz who sides with Obama over you on trade? Or do you want to keep manufacturing jobs inside the United States?

Wisconsin has lost 20% of its manufacturing jobs since 2000. It has been heartbreaking, factories have shut down. More factories are shutting down, just like Oscar-Meyer. Working people who built this country are being deprived of their jobs, their incomes, their wages, their ability to support their families.

And the people in Washington D.C. who lecture Donald Trump about his tone don’t care when your factory shuts down, they don’t care when your wgaes go down, they don’t care when your children don’t have a bright economic future –As long as they are making money.

We pushed an amendment to crack down on Chinese currency trading. Ted Cruz opposed that amendment. Can you side with somene who supports China over America? Or do you support Donald J. Trump who puts America first?

Ted Cruz is a radical Wall Street globalist, who will rip the beating heart out of manufacturing in the United States of America. We can not let that happen.

Will you support Donald Trump and save manufacturing in Wisconsin?

Do you remember in Chicago, when the protesters attacked the cops?

And do you remember after that, when Sen. Ted Cruz, instead of standing with law enforcement, stood with the protesters?

Can you support someone who sides with protesters over cops?

[Audience member: Hell no!]

Or will you support a candidate like Donald J. Trump, who supports the men and women in blue?

One final thing: I talked a moment ago about tone. Donald Trump is running a campaign about love of country, love of neighbor, love of family. About our love for each other, and our desire to have our children have the best future.

The special interests in D.C. who complain and weep their crocodile tears, over Donald Trump’s tone — Because he is tough on illegal immigration, because he is tough on crime, because he is tough on corruption. Have these special interests in D.C., have these political bosses — did they weep any tears when your factory shut down?

Did they weep any tears when Kate Steinle died?

Did they weep any tears when your wages didn’t rise in 20 years?

Because they don’t care about you. All they care about is themselves, and this election is a referendum on 40 years of failed leadership that has betrayed the working people of this country. They have contempt for you. They have contempt for your families.

They tell you your concerns aren’t legitimate, you’re wrong for wanting a secure border, you’re wrong for wanting to keep factories. This is your chance. This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance on Tuesday to take back control of your country? Will you do it?

And will you send Ted Cruz packing back to Washington D.C., and tell him you will never be president of the U.S. Ted Cruz is a radical Wall Street globalist who will destroy Wisconsin. And Donald Trump will save this country and he will save Wisconsin.

So I’m appealing to all of you. Will you get out and vote on Tuesday? Will you vote for your country? Will you vote for your family? Will you vote for your jobs? Will you vote for a secure border? Will you vote to keep out terrorists?

This is your once-in-a-lifetime moment, this is your chance. Will you on Tuesday stand strong and vote for Donald J. Trump?

  • AlThompson

    Excellent presentation! Outs Cruz for the hypocritical globalist trash that he is! Go Trump!

    • Miss Annie

      Stephen Miller is awesome! He is actually an aide to Jeff Sessions and is on loan to Trump. LOL

  • Jim Buzzell

    Here is the real issue of Rafael Cruz’s run for POTUS, and Donald is the only one that has “standing” in our courts to sue him for eligibility.

    Elections have consequences.

    What would our Founding Fathers say, if they were here
    today, about Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz’s eligibility to run for POTUS? Particularly since they had to exempt
    themselves for what they wrote in Article II of our Constitution knowing none
    of them could meet the requirements of what they wrote for future
    generation. Do you think they would give
    Rafael a pass like they did for themselves, and others, having fought a
    revolution to free us from the constraints of the British Empire?

    How would SCOTUS respond to Rafael’s claim he is a Natural
    Born Citizen if they were to sit today as a tribunal at and after the
    ratification of our Constitution, would they rule any different than they did
    then on Natural Born Citizenship?

    What part in all of this has the Progressive Movement of
    both major political parties played over the years? We know that on at least one occasion in the
    Senate Judiciary Committee in 2004 Orin Hatch, UT introduced an amendment to
    our Constitution to allow anyone who is a citizen of the United States to be qualified
    to run for and be elected to the office of POTUS, Fortunately that amendment never saw the
    light of day outside the Judiciary Committee.
    What would our Founding Fathers have thought about that amendment since
    it was primarily to allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for and serve as PTOUS
    if elected?

    Looking back to 2008, how would our Founding Fathers ruled
    on Obama’s eligibility to serve as POTUS, both times, would they even have
    considered him a US citizen given his history since birth?

    How would our Founding Fathers, if here today, view the two
    current major political parties given their history to date? Do you think any of them would be members of either
    of those parties?

    Points to be pondered in search of our Constitution, and our
    Constitutional Republic.

  • NovelDog

    This information needs to be spread across the nation. But don’t count on the news media to help spread it. Its up to you and to you alone. Either do it or accept being a slave to the Master’s of The Universe, the One World Order advocates.