Donald Trump Endorsed by Dr. Day Gardner, President of National Black Pro-Life Union


Over the course of the 2016 presidential election cycle, Republican Party front-runner Donald Trump has faced criticism as being out of sync on issues related to women, racial minorities, and abortion.

Monday evening, he picked up a single endorsement that flies in the face of all three criticisms. Dr. Day Gardner, an African-American woman and president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, issued the following statement:

I have been involved in the pro-life movement for more than 15 years. This is the very first time I have ever felt moved to endorse a presidential candidate.

I, like all of America have been watching with amazement this spectacle unfold.

I was amazed and for a while baffled at the way in which the GOP and establishment conservatives started bashing and trashing Donald J. Trump, a man who has been leading in the polls from the very beginning and has millions and millions of staunch supporters. Why would they do that? The answer came back to me that it was fear of the unknown and of the untried.

The GOP elite and establishment conservatives also fear that with President Trump they won’t be able to cast their lines into ponds of their choosing—they also fear that they can’t reel that line in whenever they want to. The thing is, with TRUMP, they don’t even have a pole! We the people are the pole and the line is attached from him directly to us. What a concept.

We all know that America is in deep trouble-but we have come to an impasse.

We are expected to sit back and do the same old thing, the same old way, by voting for the same old establishment politicians. They smile in our faces while patting each other on the back for successfully tricking us one more time—one more political season.

Make no mistake, I believe, without Trump, Hillary Clinton will win.

WITHOUT President Trump, we will be stuck with the status quo.

Life will go on with fewer and fewer good jobs because the biggest job producers and providers will move to other countries. Without jobs, crime will continue to billow, especially in cities with impoverished neighborhoods.

Our national debt will continue to grow to oblivion just as it has been.

Millions more illegal aliens will pour across our borders expecting and getting shelter, education and healthcare—while many American citizens not only struggle for those very same things but many times—and maybe even most times do without.

Without Trump, we will end up with the most liberal Supreme Court in our Nation’s history.

Without Trump, the same old establishment politicians will continue to be overly nice to foreign countries that not only hate us—but seek to destroy everything America the beautiful stands for.

Without Trump, we will be facing the same problems that Germany, Brussels, Hungary and other host countries are forced to deal with because establishment politicians are afraid to stand up to our enemies in the Middle East.

Without Trump, life will be business as usual—and we will continue to spiral down into an abyss from which we will never recover. Our America will be even more unrecognizable: America the disrespected, America the downtrodden, America the aborted, America the perverted … America the ugly.

With Donald J. Trump as president we can make America great again. We need to stand with him, to forgo the onslaught of political correctness that spawns a populace of cowards and liars.

Donald Trump loves America and has the courage to say what needs to be said about radical Islam. He also has the courage to follow through with policies to protect America. We must not compromise our morals, our values or our beliefs in order to be liked by others.

Mr. Trump is an extremely successful businessman who will bring decades of real experience to the presidency. Donald J. Trump is also a powerful voice for each and every one of us. He hears the small quiet voices of our veterans and everyday people, he hears the voices of unborn children, he hears your voice, he hears my voice, and I—along with millions and millions of other Americans—now hear his.

Today, I firmly stand with Donald J. Trump to endorse him to be the next President of the United States of America.

Gardner, a former Miss Delaware and a semifinalist for Miss America, previously served as the National Director of Black Americans for Life. She also serves now as Associate Director of the National Pro Life Center in Washington, D.C., and as an executive member of the National Clergy Council.


First reported by BOB ESCHLIMAN at Charisma News

  • Ron Coon

    There is a team that will not be defeated this coming November. Two warriors in the White House; One, a financial and business genius and guru, and Two, a Veteran warrior of the Sword. Both with the same purpose and goal. That the needs of the American people are FIRST and FOREMOST on THEIR AGENDA, not the wants of the parasites of the world.

    The two men are Donald J. Trump and Lt. Col. Allen West. Our George S. Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Black Jack Pershing of TODAY.


    BIG PICTURE, I’m seeing an Allen West Presidency in 2024/2028 after 2 successful terms as Donald Trump’s VP.

    TRUMP/WEST 2016/2020

    • Allan West is a Prohibitionist. Prohibition is a big tool of the Globalists. West has GOT to know that. Why don’t the anti-Globalists generally know that?

      Prohibition is also a tool of the banksters. And yet some folks want MORE of it.

      Look up “The Politics of Heroin” by McCoy. Educate yourself. Also look up the history of HSBC Bank. A CIA proprietary.

      Americans will be getting the government they deserve. No matter who is elected. I like Trump. I support him. But he is just a different flavor of the NWO as far as I can tell.

      • Ron Coon

        Prohibitionist? That is applicable to governments worldwide. The synonym to the root word “prohibition” is “law”. All laws prohibit this or that behavior. So in that context, all representatives, law makers, are prohibitionist. It’s not just related to alcohol.

        “Educate yourself”? I find the command insulting. Please, do not presume that because you have read this book or that, that you are of the higher intellect and are therefore, superior. You, in fact, may be. I do not know, but I would not assume the latter of you without any corresponding data. In your future contacts with people, that you are not supervisory to, you might want to sound a tad bit more of a suggestive nature then commanding.

        Take it easy……… Later.

  • Faye Barbano

    There is nothing left to be said after reading this …..she nailed it to the wall period!!!! N.o “ifs” “ands” or “Buts”……It is Trump…..Do or Die!!!!! TRUMP 2016!!!

  • mattwm

    Where has this organization been? Why are they not standing up against the millions of black babies being slaughtered in abortion clinics all in the name of reducing crime statistics?

    • Crime would go down significantly if we ended Prohibition. Prohibition is one of the bulwarks of the establishment. It has also given us a police State. One of Trump’s inside guys Sen. Jeff Sessions has endorsed Prohibition. As does Sheriff Joe. Another Trump stalwart.

      As disgusting as I find Sanders – he is the only one making an issue of Prohibition. Why is that? The American people are 58% in favor of ending pot prohibition.

      If Trump is so anti-establishment why does he favor continuing Prohibition? Alcohol Prohibition did not cure Alcohol Addiction. Drug Prohibition is not curing Drug Addiction. Both of them funded criminal gangs.

      I’m supporting Trump – but he is not nearly as anti-establishment as people think.


      To end Abortion by law we would need VJNA Police. Another police State action. Women will not stand for that.


      So tell me. Why is the Right so in love with police State solutions for social problems?


      I blog here:

      • ThreeFiftySeven

        Trump has stated that the country needs medicinal (rescheduling cannabis on the CSA) and that recreational use should be up to states (like alcohol after the repeal of prohibition). There’s more to this election than cannabis legalization, vote for Bernie if it’s such a big issue for you. Fix trade deficits & secure our borders TRUMP 2016

        • I am aware of that. But keeping drugs illegal for “recreation” funds the banksters and supports the NWO.

          I’m beginning to think Trump is just a different NWO flavor.

          I blog here – if you want to check my Trump support.

          • Miss Annie

            I support legalization too. I actually feel that legalization has a better chance of success if it is sent to the states rather than regulated by the Feds. If I am not mistaken, that is Trump’s position.

          • It is sorta his position. To make it work cannabis must be taken off the schedule of the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). Donald hasn’t said he would do that. Bernie the Communist has. The President can reschedule cannabis according to the CSA law.

            What would be radical would be to make all drugs legal. Stop funding the Taliban with opiate Prohibition. Stop funding the Mexican cartels with meth Prohibition etc.

            End the Black Markets.

          • You might want to check this site out:


            See the picture of Bush on the bottom of the page. But only after reading a paragraph or two.

          • Miss Annie,

            You will pardon me. I’m an old man (71) and this does not happen often at my age – but I think I’m in love. I’m so glad you get Donald’s libertarian tendencies. I think that will be a great advantage in the general election.

            The country has grown tired of Cultural Conservative “solutions”. In any case they are dying out at the rate of a million a year. Their power is waning and by 2020 they will be gone. But they are more than weak enough now for a change in direction.

            The fact that Donald won South Carolina over Cruz is a clue.

            I was trying to explain all the things I have covered here to a Cruzbot site and got banned. They do not want to hear anything that hurts their feelings. I was actually presenting the material as “things Ted has to be careful of” with the thought that they could strengthen their/his position.

            It is not just SJWs that are snowflakes.

            What I like is that you can handle honest questions. Let us make The Donald stronger in the hope (which is all we have until he proves himself in office) of making America stronger.

            God Bless – May the Force Be With You

        • Bernie is a communist. No way I’m going to support him.

          • Mary Jensen

            Yes he is

        • As long as Drug Prohibition is in effect there is no way to secure the borders. Trump HAS to know that.

        • Until Trump became a Republican he was a legalizer.

        • You think some of that $trillion a year slush fund that is Prohibition isn’t funding anti-Trump efforts? But ending Prohibition isn’t as important as….

          Ya. Right. That is how they keep the scam going. Because we have more important issues to deal with. Clever boys.

  • If abortion is murder women deserve the death penalty for hiring the hitman. Trump was right the first time.

    If it is not murder – what is the fuss?

    What I’d like to see is reducing abortion through social pressure. I HATE government solutions. We have TOO MANY government solutions.

    • Ron Coon

      It is the woman that kills her baby. The doctor, the abortionist, is just the tool of her choice. She goes to the doctor, not the other way around. Can you imagine that, if abortionist went door to door to peddle their trade? Kind of like an Exorcist.

  • Ruxpin

    LOL @ this site. Was “” already taken?

  • marg

    Gee I guess you missed the whole pro abortion part of his life!!! HE IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE!!!! He is a progressive, and he always will be. He just came out with three reasons he would change the GOP platform on abortion. Seriously??? I hope you think and pray about this very seriously cuz if not, you guys have lost ALL credibility.

  • JLT

    Thank You Dr. Day Gardner for joining those of us who also support Donald Trump for President for the exact reasons that you have stated…you are obviously a smart, strong woman who is not blind to the problems we are faced with here in America and have chosen to do something about it…it is a pleasure to stand shoulder to shoulder to fight for America and the American people…Bless you and welcome aboard!!!!!!!

  • Penni Price-Lindsey

    TRUMP 2016!!

  • Jesusismyquarterback

    “a single endorsement”

    The key phrase in this delusional piece.