Why New York Is Far More Important Than WI

Donald Trump and his supporters would have liked to win Wisconsin, but onward and upward. Trump did not need to win Wisconsin, Ted Cruz did. The ONLY way Cruz can win at this point is to steal delegates and stop Trump from reaching 1237  “forcing a contested convention”.  Something Lyin Ted claimed he didn’t want and wasn’t planning to do.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Based on current delegate counts and poll numbers Ted Cruz will be mathematically unable to reach the delegate count required for him to win the Republican Presidential nomination. Donald Trump still leads Cruz by over 200 delegates.

Even after Wisconsin Ted Cruz will not have enough delegates to win the election and will be out of the race by April 26th. By the end April it will be clear that Ted Cruz has no chance of reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination.

Actually, in only 3 weeks, on April 26th, it will be clear that Ted Cruz cannot win.

The Conservative Tree House reports:
First, The Math:

Going into last night the Delegate race was:

  • Donald Trump 752 delegates
  • Ted Cruz 469 delegates
  • Trump ahead by 283 delegates

Last night Team Cruz won 36 and Team Trump won 6.  So, after last night:

  • Donald Trump 758 delegates
  • Ted Cruz 505 delegates
  • Trump ahead by 253 delegates

There are 769 Delegates remaining in the upcoming primary states.  In order to get to the magic number of 1237:

  • Donald Trump needs 479 to clinch. (758 current + 479 need = 1237 goal)
  • Ted Cruz needs 732 to clinch.  (505 current + 732 need = 1237 goal).

There are only 769 Delegates remaining.

The Next Contest is New York on Tuesday April 19th with a whopping 95 delegates (winner take all if single candidate 50% +1 vote).

If Donald Trump can win New York (all CD’s) with 50% of the vote, it will mean:

♦ A) Trump will lead with 853 delegates (only needing 384 of the remaining 674)
♦ B) Ted Cruz will be mathematically knocked out of the race to 1,237.  Cruz would still need 732 and there are only 674 remaining after New York.

So you can see how New York is infinitely more important than Wisconsin was.

Hence, the Ted Cruz team needing to sell the Wisconsin win as an opportunity to try and “reset the race”.  They are positioning to try their hardest to keep Trump under 50% of the vote in New York.   The media has been working diligently to help Team Cruz with the psychology of the 2016 election in that regard.

But Ted Cruz has a problem:


Daily news new york values

A “New York Values” problem.

The Donald Trump campaign and all of the Donald Trump supporters would be well advised to remind all New Yorkers of the previous disparaging comments made by Senator Ted Cruz.

That’s the current state of the race.

That’s the reality.

That’s the math.

However, there’s also the psychology of the race which, unfortunately, many new to politics -and many Donald Trump supporters- are falling victim to.

Remember, this is an insurgency.  You must modify your mindset to think like and insurgent.   Insurgencies have nothing to lose.  If insurgents are not victorious the system, which controls the dynamic, wins.   However, if insurgents do nothing, the same system, which controls the dynamic, also wins.

Do nothing and you lose.  Go to the mattresses and you might win. The choice is yours.

This is Saint Crispins day.

The insurgency, led by Donald Trump, is an existential threat to the professional political class and every entity who lives in/around the professional political class.  The entire political industry is threatened by the insurgency.  The entire political industry is threatened by Donald Trump.

Decision time.

Now you know why the entire Republican apparatus is united with Ted Cruz.  Now you know why the entire Wall Street apparatus is united with Ted Cruz.  Now you know why ever institutional department, every lobbyist, every K-Street dweller, every career legislative member, staffer, and the various downstream economic benefactors, including the corporate media, all of it – all the above, united against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is an existential threat to the very existence of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is an existential threat to every entity who benefits from the Republican Party.

Billion dollar defense contracts at stake.  Trillion dollar multi-national trade deals at stake.  The fundamental construct of decades of their united efforts to tear away at the very fabric of the U.S.A is at stake.  They too have nothing to lose, and they’re damn sure acting like it.

Who opposes them?

…..US !

tea party dc

So if you’re in it to win it, great.  If not, get the hell out of the way….  Because we’ve got New York to win, and you’re either lifting us up, or pulling us down !