Trump’s Delegate Manager : Cruz Using Gestapo Tactics to Win Over Delegates – Will File Several Protests


When Trump hires people, he goes for the best!  Paul Manafort is a perfect example.  Trump hired Paul Manafort a few weeks ago and Manafort’s expertise and experience is already showing itself to worth its weight in gold!

Manafort made no bones in the interview below about the “scorched earth” and “gestapo” tactics that Ted Cruz has been using to win over Delegates and also made it clear that these tactics will wear thin with the delegates in short order!

As Trump supporters, we are watching this delegate process with baited breath, and what we have seen so far is turning our stomachs. We can perfectly well see the “gestapo” tactics that Manafort is referring to.  This was discussed earlier in an article written just today called “Stop The Steal. In “Stop the Steal” you can see pictures and videos where Trump delegates were completely left off the slate and a Cruz delegate was on put on the same slate twice.  The delegate was so dishearted that he burned his Republican registration after the harrowing experience.

These “gestapo tactics”, as Manafort so accurately described them, were not just used in Colorado, but we have also written about how they were used in Tennessee. In this article we have videos where Trump delegates were actually locked out of buildings during open meetings.

We see the same “gestapo tactics” used in Missouri, which Trump won outright.  Jim Hoft, from The Gateway Pundit did a story with videos showing the chaos breaking out in Missouri. 

As a Trump supporter, I am so grateful that Mr Trump has hired Paul Manafort and to hear him speaking of filing protests in regards to these tactics being used by the Cruz campaign.

Listen to Paul Manafort’s full interview on NBC with Chuck Todd discussing these issues below :