USA – Rogue Government Criminal Enterprise

The United States has a criminal enterprise in operation that involves the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and, yes, even the White House.

Although there are some good FBI and CIA agents, both of these agencies are heavily involved in this enterprise, and the depth of corruption that exists is so perverse that unless one has done extensive research, it is difficult for the mind of the average citizen to contemplate.  Indeed, as a christian, I was flabbergasted, to discover that our country is being operated by the Illuminati, which is a satanic occult.

I was particularly concerned when I began hearing whispers that our Government was actually behind the terrorism that has taken place in America, in fact, I was sickened.  The more that I read and studied, the more depressed I became.

Many of you are already aware of these things, but there is a vast majority who are not, and this article is being written for those of you who still believe that we are still live in a sovereign nation, practicing Christianity and living in a free society.

There are many different links that are available on the internet that makes reference to the acts of terrorism that the United States are responsible for, but, I have found none that explains it any better than this video, of Ted Gunderson,  who, before retiring,  was Chief FBI Agent in Dallas, Memphis and Los Angeles. He blew the whistle on this Rogue Government Criminal Enterprise.

The video referenced above, speaks of a man named Jeffrey R. McDonald, a former Green Beret, who was convicted of killing his wife and 2 children at Ft. Brag, February 17, 1970. This man was sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences, and is incarcerated today.  He is innocent. Watch the video to find out who actually committed this crime, and find out why, although innocent, MacDonald was denied parole, and was told that it would be another 15 years, before he will become eligible to go before the parole board again.

The United States Government have long been involved in bringing drugs into the United States, going back to World War II where they would plant drugs inside the body cavities  of  dead GI’s when they were shipped home, from Southeast Asia.  More currently,  Afghanistan, who are renowned for heroin,  are a major source of drug supply for the United States Government, which funds Black Operations.

One of the most disturbing crimes that Gunderson reveals is an international sex slave ring that involves the kidnapping of children, by force, from foster homes, orphanages and, indeed, off the street, where they are then forced into becoming sex slaves to United States Congressman and Senator’s, and indeed, inside our White House.

Gunderson blew the whistle on this perverted, and sad, sex slave ring, in a video which was published on May 8, 2013, and even as he revealed this information, the sex slave ring was still operating, out of Wichita, KS, and I suspect that it is still operating just as efficiently today.

You will hear him talk about the McMartin pre-school out of Manhattan Beach, Ca, where tunnels were dug under the school, and children would be taken thru the tunnels and emerge thru a trapdoor in a bathroom located in a triplex located next door, where they were, then, placed into automobiles and were taken into the mountains where they were forced to participate in rituals, with adults, wearing black robes.  archaeologists confirmed that these tunnels, did, indeed, exist.  The McMartin trials were a farce, resulting in a hung jury.

You will hear about a little boy named Johnny, who, while delivering newspapers, disappeared and his mother begged the FBI to investigate, and they refused.  Why?  Because little Johnny Gosch had been kidnapped and forced into this sex slave ring, and forced to service the men in our Government, who referred to him and all the other boys, as ‘toys’.  Watch the video to find out how he showed up at his mother’s door, years later, after escaping, and told her his story, and admitted that he feared for his life, this single visit would be the last time this mother ever saw her little boy.  She wrote a book, titled, Why Johnny Cant Come Home.  This book has been in book stores since the year, 2000.

In 2013, when Gunderson revealed all of these truths, over 700,000 children per year were kidnapped, or 83 per hour.  That number is higher, today.

Timothy James McVeigh, was convicted and executed, after being accused of setting off a truck bomb in Oklahoma City, which killed 168 people and injured 600.  Mr. McVeigh was innocent. The United States Government bears this responsibility. McVeigh had been recruited by the CIA to be an assassin.  He was a victim of the CIA mind control operations, and had a microchip implanted in his buttock, implanted by our military to keep track of him.  The bomb in the truck was allegedly a fertilizer, ammonia nitrate bomb, but, in actuality, it was not. Michael Riconosciuto, a CIA agent operative for 2 decades and an FBI informant at one time, revealed that the bomb was actually made by his father’s company, Hercules manufacturing, Silicone, California, the bomb was an Electro-Hydrodynamic Gaseous Fuel Device, a highly classified bomb, and was manufactured out of Salt Lake City.

The list is endless, Gunderson discusses Pearl Harbor, Waco and Ruby Ridge.  He gives sole credit to the United States Government.

March 20th’, 2001, Michael Riconoscuito, reported to the FBI, the names of the people who were obtaining false passports, to bring down the twin towers, on September 11, 2001. And you will hear him speak of meeting with Osama Bin Laden, who was in the United States under an alias, Tim Osman, or Ossman, a name assigned to him by the  CIA, while he was touring military bases to procure armaments.

These terrorist attacks on USA soil happened, so that the American Patriot Actand the National Security Agency could be formed, which would further the cause of Agenda 21 of the Illuminati Elite who are diligently working toward establishing a  New World Order

In 1776 on 1 May Jesuit Adam Weishaupt  (left) presented his Illuminati Orderto Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who had requested this order in order that his family could rule the world by means of Rothschild´s money. The Order had a6-Point program

1) Abolition of the Monarchy and all ordered government.
2) Abolition of private property.
3) Abolition of inheritance.
Abolition of patriotism.
5) Abolition of the family, through the abolition of marriage, all morality, and the institution of communal education for children.
Abolition of all (Christian) religion.

These 6 objectives are being carried out, even, as I write this article.  Here is a list of 25 steps of how these objectives are being brought to fruition:

1) Men are inclined to evil rather than good.
2) Preach Liberalism.
3) Use ideals of freedom to bring about class wars.
4) Any and all means necessary should be used to reach their goals as they are justified.
5) Believe their rights lie in force.
6) The power of their resources must remain invisible until the very moment that they have gained the strength so that no group or force can undermine it.
7) Advocates a mob psychology to obtain control of the masses.
8) Promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, moral corruption, and all forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the nation.
9) Seize citizens’ private property by any means necessary.
10) The use of slogans such as equity, liberty, and fraternity are used on the masses as psychological warfare.
11) War should be directed so that the nations on both sides are placed further in debt and peace conferences are designed so that neither combatant retain territory rights.
12) Members must use their wealth to have candidates chosen to public office who would be obedient to their demands, and would be used as pawns in the game by the men behind the scenes. The advisors will have been bred, reared, and trained from childhood to rule the affairs of the world.
13) Control the press, and hence most of the information the public receives.
14) Agents and provocateurs will come forward after creating traumatic situations, and appear to be the saviors of the masses, when they are actually interested in just the opposite, the reduction of the population.
15) Create industrial depression and financial panic, unemployment, hunger, shortage of food, use these events to control the masses and mobs. and use them to wipe out those who stand in the way.
16) Infiltrate Freemasonry which is to be used to conceal and further objectives.
17) Expound the value of systematic deception, use high-sounding slogans and phrases, advocate lavish sounding promises to the masses even though they can’t be kept.
18) The art of street fighting is necessary to bring the population into subjection.
19) Use agents as provocateurs and advisers behind the scenes, and after wars use secret diplomacy talks to gain control.
20) Establish huge monopolies towards world government control.
21) Use high taxes and unfair competition to bring about economic ruin by controlling raw materials, organized agitation among the workers, and subsidizing competitors.
22) Build up armaments with police and soldiers who can protect and further Illuminati interests.
23) Members and leaders of the one world government will be appointed by the director of the Illuminati.
24) Infiltrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of teaching the youth in the schools theories and principles known to be false.
25) Create and use national and international laws to destroy civilization.

Gunderson spent the last days of his life, revealing truth.  He died of arsenic poisoning, contrary to what was reported.  His cause of death was reported as being, bladder cancer, but this was just a side effect, a symptom, of the true cause of his death.

America lost a true patriot, when Ted Gunderson left this earth.

As for me, I will continue on the path to which God has called me.  Proverbs 31:8 – Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the right of the poor and needy. – Ted Gunderson

  • Thomas Mack

    This is why we have to pray for Donald Trump, and for getting back our country! These are dangerous times, indeed.

    • Miss Annie

      You are so right! Prayer definitely has to be part of the equation! Prayer for Trump and his family, prayer for our nation!

  • You left out “The Politics of Heroin” by McCoy – free on the ‘net.

    “Constitutionalists” never mention the missing Drug Prohibition Amendment. Something the Republicans who voted against the 1914 Harrison Narcotics Act noticed.

  • Did you actually read the McMartin Pre-School testimony? A lot of it was so implausible as to be ludicrous. The tunnels were never located.

    This article mixes so much fact with fiction that it discredits the whole piece. That is very unfortunate.

    Here is an article that is way more plausible:

    • Rhonda Kazmierski

      The tunnels were found by Archaeologists, this is documented in Gunderson’s chronicles.

  • You also left out Iran-Contra in which the Reagan Administration imported cocaine to support the Contras. That is not disputed. also look up – Ollie North kilos –

    You can pretty much tell where the CIA is operating by which drugs are coming into the country. In the early 80s it was “Thai sticks” – cannabis from Thailand. Lately it is heroin from the opium farmers in Afghanistan. Also a flood of hashish. Either Lebanon/Syria or Afghanistan.

  • You want my opinion of this article? It is CIA disinformation. This is a tactic where they mix the truth with crazy so the whole thing can be lumped in with crazy. You need better vetting. Avoid the fever swamps. There is so much crazy mixed in with “Illuminati” and “Rothschild” that untangling the truth is near impossible. And I have studied that closely for decades due to my interest in alternate religions.

    There is probably one God. It is very unlikely that there is one true religion. All of them have been corrupted to varying by politics. Sorry.

    • Thomas Mack

      The confusion is deliberate, you’re right. The only thread that makes it come together, is that there are those that seek power, and know that going to the dark side (how ironic that Hollywood tempts folks with it), will aid that. But, they see themselves as enlightened, not evil. When one sees on the mysterious Georgia monument new commandments asking for removing 80% of the population, and other new age elitist goals, whether the craziness is a decoy or not, somebody with a lot of money wants to keep it, make more of it, and wants and needs the power to implement it.

      Secular humanists are just another group of puppets in the mix, unless they watch not to get on board with the anti-Christian element. The Bohemian Grove is well documented, however. Scottish Rite and KKK Albert Pike was an occultist. And a Rockefeller connection with the CFR is real. So, one does have to read between the lines.

      • Thomas,

        It will probably pain you to learn that I am an occultist. But as in everything there is the side of light and the side of dark. The occultists of the light are not a threat to Christians of the light. It is always the dark ones you have to watch for. Their particular religion is immaterial. And you know what to watch for – an addiction to power and control. Funny enough I have a blog “Power and Control” it is both ironic and true. I am a power and control engineer. I also expose those craving power and control.

        One of the big threats – and no one on the right dares to look at it much is the $trillion a year slush fund that Drug Prohibition provides. This post is a start. And for that I am grateful. But if the “masses” are to be brought along it is best to avoid the fever swamps. What is open and multiply confirmed is quite enough.

        And that slush fund has been in effect for 100 years internationally. And for longer due to British Empire machinations in its opium wars against China. Have a look at this to get a taste:

        And of course look at the rest of my posts in this thread for other links.

        • Thomas Mack

          Well, pain’s not exactly the feeling, and I was quite the fan of T. Lampsang Rampa and others in my college days. And like Thomas de Quincy and Aldous Huxley pursued more. It was dabbling in this, and then looking into Bahomet, that I asked the question deep in my soul: “if there are powerful entities out there, stronger than us, what can save us from that?” I heard an answer like coming out of a deep well, “Jesus Christ.” So, there you have it, my initial testimony. I have gone through a journey since then not unlike Moses and Korah and Demas, but also Peter’s. You know there is a spirit world, now the issue is whose will to follow.

          I’m not against you, by any means. And like the Founding Fathers of this country, we all benefit from rule of law, and the Bill of Rights.

          • I’m the only follower of my religion – as far as I know. I don’t sell it, because there is nothing to buy. The only universal commandment I’m aware of is – be silent. listen to that small inner voice. All religions say that. Now is that voice the voice of the “devil” or of “God”? The tell is – what is it asking you to do?

            I practice silence. Something very difficult to do until you are practiced. Just try not talking for 24 hours.

          • Thomas Mack

            You’re right about listening to the quiet voice. Like Elijah discovered, the voice was not in the whirlwind, but in a whisper.

      • I blog here these days – you might want to catch up on my postings for he last two weeks. I have been having fun.

        I think that in the last few days TPTB have capitulated to Trump. We should see many signs of this in the next two weeks or so. “Trump can win with 1100 delegates” is one of he signs. Ted Cruz ineligible might be another sign. To make Trump palatable to the rank and file who supported Cruz – Cruz has to be eliminated by other than votes at a convention.

        Will Trump root out the dark ones totally? No. That is not possible. What he can do is trim them back enough. They have lost this round. They will be back. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

      • It might amuse you to learn that I – and rather more than a few others believe that Christianity started as an occult religion. “Holy anointing oil” – which Jesus brought back to the Jews is a clue. I discuss that here: Lots of links –

        • Thomas Mack

          Well, Alex Jones had an ex-Satanist explain that ‘occult’ was not bad, it’s just how one goes about achieving the hidden knowledge, and what to do with it. But, the Good News is one only needs simple belief that the lamb needed was provided to satisfy the Creator’s wrath for disobedience, was provided at Calvary. You should be one step beyond Thomas Jefferson’s rational Unitarianism, and heed the Nazarene’s words. He only wants to provide us with access to the third Heaven spiritually, and then, some great Day, we’ll be in it.

          • Christianity never appealed to me. I have no interest in following what some other person heard from the head office. I prefer listening direct. Thus my religion of one. (see my other post on the subject below). The “Force” is talking to each of us ALL the time. Most can’t be silent enough to listen.

            I do like the preaching of Dr. Joyce Meyer. Strip out the Christianity and there is my religion. Well close enough. My wife who is Christian/Jewish listens to her every day.

          • Thomas Mack

            My wife likes Joyce, too. I have never caught her being heretical, but others have. But, if you listen to critics, they may take things out of context, and are cessationists anyway. But there are some of her similar theologically minded camp that add some doctrine (Jesus went to Hell for us, for example) that’s not backed up correctly by Scripture. (Either one wants to go along with it, or not.) Many make a buffet out of it, and that’s not in the spirit of the Spirit of the Word at all.
            But, I digress, and I appreciate the dialogue.

          • “My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells …” – Aleister Crowley.

            So it may not be scripturally right. It is experientially correct. The best champions of the light have spent some time in the darkness. Paul on the road to Damascus for example.

            I too appreciate the dialogue.

          • We are a nation in spiritual crisis. Oddly enough Trump seems to be quite attractive to the people who know that.

  • You want relatively uncorrupted religion? Find one that has no ministers or priests. Because they will all twist the truth to keep the money flowing.

  • Drug Prohibition is a prime example of how treaties were used to subvert American liberties. That tactic is over 100 years old. Maybe much older.

  • The drug people worry about most these days is heroin. The question so few people ask is “If heroin is so addictive why do so few people who try it (legally or otherwise) get addicted? Dr. Lonny Shavelson has at least a big part of the answer. He found that about 70% of female heroin addicts had been sexually abused in childhood.

    People in chronic pain chronically take pain relievers.

    So PTSD is the chronic pain. We do not have a drug problem. We have a PTSD problem. PTSD is in part genetic (the genes are known) and in part trauma. Most of that PTSD is from bad child rearing. Some of it is from war. Opiate use in the US was quite high after the disturbances from 1860 to 1865. As the people who went through that experience died out opiate use declined to the level we still have today . About .5% to 1.0%. So all our drug warring has made no difference.

    Note: people with milder cases of PTSD use cannabis. The so called “recreational” users. Dennis Peron (Proposition 215 in California) said, “All use is medical use.” I agree.