Still Report – NJ Judge Weighs Cruz’s Qualifications

Law professor, Victor Williams, says that Senator Ted Cruz has fraudulently claimed to be eligible to be President of the United States, when he is not.

New Jersey Judge Jeff Masin heard oral arguments this morning on whether Cruz should be returned to the June 7 New Jersey Republican Primary ballot or not after having his name pulled from the ballot last week by New Jersey Secretary of State, Kim Guadagno.

Williams, who teaches at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., says that Cruz must prove that he is a natural-born U.S. citizen, but Cruz has had his birth records sealed. Professor Williams says the burden of proof is on Cruz to show that he is a natural-born citizen, not on the state to prove that he is not .

Although ignored by over half of the mainstream media, the hearing is a very serious matter. Should Cruz lose this battle, he would likely have to drop out of the remaining primary races, and ultimately quit the race entirely. This would throw the Republican presidential contest up into the air for a thorough reshuffling, leaving Donald Trump the likely victor.

“Cruz committed ballot access fraud in each state when he falsely swore that he was a ‘natural born’ American citizen.”

Cruz has pushed aside all calls for him to prove that he was a natural-born citizen in the past, saying only that the issue is “settled law”.

Professor Williams is a write-in Presidential candidate in at least 8 states. This gives him standing to haul Cruz before a judge to determine whether Cruz is a natural-born citizen – the Constitutional requirement to become either President or Vice-President of the United States of America.

Rather than accepting Cruz’s ballot petition when filed last week, Secretary of State Guadagno scheduled the Administrative Law hearing to make the Canadian-born Cruz finally answer the charges that have swirled around his candidacy since day one.

Professor Williams says he will also challenge Cruz’s ballot eligibility in Maryland, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, and South Dakota.

According to Williams, “Cruz has fraudulently represented himself as constitutionally qualified for the office of president.” He argues that Cruz did not even become a naturalized citizen until 2014.

So the question is, if Senator Cruz was a natural-born U.S. citizen, then he certainly would not have needed to go through the process of naturalization.

According to NBC News, Professor Williams’ arguments were dismissed last week in a Pennsylvania Court:

“… because the court said the challenger in that case did not have standing to sue.”

However, in New Jersey and the other seven states professor Williams has now filed in to run for President, he does have legitimate standing because write-in candidates are considered as “genuine opposition”. According to Williams, that gives him the strongest standing possible to challenge Cruz.

Williams says that he will carry his battle to the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland if need be, by challenging the seating of all Ted Cruz delegates on the basis of his ineligibility to pursue the highest office in the land.

New Jersey Judge Jeff Masin said that he will announce his decision on Cruz’s eligibility tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12.

Prof. Williams website:

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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  • Iamacitizen2

    On top of Victor Williams comments The North American Law Center put out the following information and IT IS WELL WORTH THE READ!!!

    I have been blogging for months that after Cruz gave up his Canadian citizenship HE IS A MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY and finally after people telling me I was nuts it came OUT. YES YES YES

    Mr. Cruz is also in my opinion sitting in the Senate illegally I thought only a U.S. Citizen could sit in the U.S. Senate.

    By all rights Mr. Cruz should be evicted from his Senate seat. If Congress allows Cruz to stay seated when he is a “man without a country” then what purpose does the Senate serve. Wouldn’t every Bill they pass with Cruz’s vote be MOOT/Illegal also???

    Mr. Cruz forgot to address that Canada does NOT have “dual citizenship” and his mother and father became Canadian citizens prior to Ted’s Birth and Canada did NOT ALLOW dual dual citizenship.