The Eleventh Hour

America.. fellow patriots..  do not be discouraged.  We have found a voice in a most unusual candidate, Donald J. Trump, and he is shouting!  It is imperative that we all remain united in standing behind him, otherwise,  America, as we have known and loved her, is lost to us, forever.

I am only one, but, I am one.  My voice matters and my vote counts.  Yours does, too.  The establishment, the ‘elite’, are determined to silence my voice, along with yours.  We have been told by Reince Priebus .. “to sit down”.  I will not.  I will not comply to a demand made by a man who has made it abundantly clear that, in his opinion, as chairman of the Republican National Convention, that my voice and yours, does not matter.

If I were to shut up and sit down, I would be a traitor to America, and this will not happen. The Government has become too big and too corrupt.  There are some things that I, as a christian, a woman and a patriot, can not and will not ignore.  There comes a time when one must make a stand, or they will fall.. I choose to stand.

If America makes a mistake and elects any candidate other than Donald J. Trump, for our nominee and eventual President, we are electing to  destroy this country, that has treated us so kindly.  We are in the eleventh hour, patriots.. we have no time to waste, midnight is coming.  Our government has become so big and so corrupt that they have sold us out.  We The People have become irrelevant, and the time has come that we must unite and defeat our foe, as our forefathers have done in the past. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Thomas Jefferson

I am a peaceable person.. I dearly love peace, but, I recognize and respect the fact that freedom is not free.  One can not sit down and allow a select few to  determine the future of our freedom.  When our voice and our vote is polluted by corruption and malice, then we must rise up and fight.  We must not ever allow our voices to be suppressed and our votes not counted.  We must reach way down into the deepest recesses of our beings, and take hold of the spirit of our forefathers who came before us and stood, fearlessly, to establish a country where freedom was treasured and was fought for.  We owe it to ourselves and to the generations that will follow us to stand up.  Rise up, patriots!  Be vigilant, and be ready.

To Donald J. Trump, I say this.. Thank you.  I rejoiced the day that you announced  your bid for the Presidency.  Thank you for standing up and defying the enemy of We The People.  Thank you, for giving tirelessly of your time and attention to the mass majority of American’s who love this country.  You are not obligated and you are not in a position where you have to do anything, other than enjoy life, but, you have chosen to stand up for me, as small as I am, .. for, We The People.  You, Mr. Trump, are a very rare species,  you are a man that has attained the American dream, and, yet.. you have compassion for those, who have not. Thank you.

To George Soros, who created the ideology of a New World Order, I say, surrender.  You are seeking to destroy the greatest country on earth, and We The People will not allow you this  desire. United We Stand.  We will not grant you this power.

To Ted Cruz, I say, move back to Canada, the country of your birth.  You are ineligible to be a candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America.

To John Kasich, I say, you have been a part of the establishment, since 1983, you are a huge part of the problem.  You have done nothing to prevent the destruction of America, it is past time that you retire.

To Hillary Clinton, I say, you have done nothing during your term as first lady and, more recently, as secretary of state to preserve America.  In fact you have done everything within your power to further the agenda of George Soros and the New World Order.  You are unfit to be President of this great country and are currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation for endangering our National Security.  Go home, or.. better yet, go to Prison.  We The People, will not ignore, nor will we ever forget the brave men who died in Benghazi.  We will not ignore, nor will we ever forget your voice giving the direct ‘go order’ in Waco.  We will not ignore, nor will we ever forget the psychological raping and terrorizing of Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and all of the other rape victims of your husband, Bill Clinton.

To Bernie Sanders, I say.. move to a socialist country, such as China, Cuba or Viet Nam.  America is not a socialist country, and we do not welcome a man, who is an admitted socialist attempting to become President of our great country.

To all American patriots, I say this.. rise up.  Stand up and have your voices heard, whether it be via twitter, Facebook, or any other form of social media, let your voice be heard.  Get out and vote for Donald J. Trump!  Never allow your voice to be ignored or your vote to be discounted.  Be loud, be vigilant and be proud.  We are patriots.  We are America.  If, after having done all this, the Grand Old Party chooses to ignore us, then we will take it one step further.. we will fight until the end.  We will stand with Donald J. Trump.  We will fight with our ballot, our voices or our bullets.. to defend America, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, we will persevere, and preserve the United States of America.

  • Thomas Mack

    I’m glad to see this writer’s okay. I was worried when I couldn’t bring up her other story.

    • Miss Annie

      She’s good Thomas! We have been having a lot of technical difficulties over the last few days with the server. Spent more time down than up! UGH. Hopefully we are all good now!

      • Thomas Mack

        No funny hacking against you then? Far be it from me to create conspiracy theory stuff when it’s not true.