We Have Another Colorado On The Horizon

Some call it the Uni-Party other’s say the GOP and DNC are just different sides of the same coin. One thing is certain neither party wants the voters to determine who is elected. Both party’s will do anything to keep the status quo including lying.

As I wrote previously “Have you read how the election is rigged on the left No one writes about how it’s also rigged on the right.” You see Donald Trump is right the system is rigged and it is a disgrace.

Back to Colorado for a second:

“GOP leaders have never provided a satisfactory reason for forgoing a presidential preference poll, although party chairman Steve House suggested on radio at one point that too many Republicans would otherwise flock to their local caucus.

Imagine that: party officials fearing that an interesting race might propel thousands of additional citizens to participate. But of course that might dilute the influence of elites and insiders. You can see why that could upset the faint-hearted”

The party’s, their insider politicians and those that do their bidding just want to maintain control. Ted Cruz does not care who you voted for he only cares about winning.

PoliZette Reports:

“Still reeling after Sen. Ted Cruz’s delegate sweep in Colorado, voters are waking up to the fact that delegates are the ones who will determine the Republican nominee and that the primaries and caucuses are just for show. What’s more, there might just be another Colorado on the horizon, where voters will get no say at all.

Up next is the state of Wyoming, a state which, along with Colorado and North Dakota, has chosen to not hold a nominating contest this year, which means no primary or caucus vote. Instead, Republican voters there will be represented by county delegates at a convention April 14-16. They will select the statewide delegates who will represent Wyoming at the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland.

Wyoming holds 29 delegates: 14 will be elected at the convention and 12 have already been selected at county conventions — nine of which are Cruz supporters. One delegate went to Sen. Marco Rubio, one went to Donald Trump, and one is uncommitted. The remaining three delegates slots automatically go to members of the state GOP.”

Hopefully this RNC member is correct he predicts Trump can win with 1,100 delegates.


  • Thegoldman

    Just heard Cruz got 14 delegates from one of those states…

  • serious woman

    Colorado delegates bought and paid for, that is no democry. Cruz go back to Canada.