Ohio Student’s Pro-Trump Message Censored On “Free Speech” Wall

Some people only believe in free speech they approve of and unfortunately that includes people like Ted Cruz. Ted has repeatedly sided with the left blaming Trump’s speeches for violence at rally’s.

Cruz sided with the violent left in Chicago. Funny thing is Glenn Beck’s supporters (aka Ted Cruz supporter’s) marched with Move On in Chicago. Trump cancelled the rally. That didn’t stop the leftists in Chicago from assaulting Trump supporters and the police.

Today Ted once again claimed that Donald Trump has a history of inciting violence. He is as bad as the left and it’s talk like Ted’s that further enables the anti-free speech crowd. As one commentator on Breitbart said…  “Nice Alynski there Daddy Cruz“.

The Post Athens reports that even though the Pro-Trump students were within their free speech rights the University cancelled Geek Week and Hispanic students were allowed to paint over the wall.

Trump Wall

The Hayride  also has a similar story where a frat house at Tulane University built a display that was illegally ripped down by black football players.

tulane wall

More on the story with additional images here.