Three Newly Released Trend Polls Show Donald Trump Climbing and Ted Cruz Collapsing


Bad Newz For Cruz

A series of brand new trend polls (three – full pdf’s below) highlight an ongoing discussion/trend. With increased visibility Senator Ted Cruz support decreases.

It would be inaccurate to say Cruz is collapsing, if it were not for multiple polls indicating the same trend line.  However, when you have three completely disparate polls, indicating an almost identical retraction, you cannot dismiss the reality.

Fox News and IPSOS Rueters both identify the issue on a national scale, and within the CBS polling of Pennsylvania voters you find the specifics as to why.  First, the Fox Trend Poll showing Donald Trump extending his lead over Cruz to 18 points, as Cruz support plummets by 11 points in a month:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York April 29, 2015. (REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

(Via Fox News) Donald Trump jumps to an 18-point lead over Ted Cruz this week with record high support for the Republican nomination.

Trump tops Cruz by 45-27 percent among GOP primary voters in a new Fox News national poll on the 2016 election.  John Kasich comes in third with 25 percent.

Three weeks ago, the mogul was up by three over Cruz:  41-38 percent, with Kasich at 17 percent (March 20-22, 2016).   Forty-five percent is a new high for Trump.  The previous high was last month’s 41 percent.  (read more)

Full Poll Data:

A similar poll data result is available from IPSOS/Reuters who take their own independent poll and compare the results/data to the trend-line:


Both the Fox Poll and the IPSOS Poll show a remarkable drop in support for candidate Ted Cruz.  This peak and valley approach coincides each time Cruz is given increased visibility and the public are able to sense and gauge the candidate’s message.

Absent of media attention Senator Ted Cruz generally sees his support improve.  However, as soon as his speeches, appearances and personal presentations are given increased visibility – his support drops.  It is a remarkably unique circumstance almost exclusive to Senator Ted Cruz.

Here’s the IPSOS Full Data:


Lastly, and perhaps most damagingly, a CBS Poll of Pennsylvania Voters gives some indications of why voters are turning away from Ted Cruz.   In every question Ted Cruz is going in the wrong direction on his trend:



Question #40 Responses are the key:


Here’s the full poll result:


The more people get to know candidate Cruz, the worse he does !


First reported at The Conservative Treehouse

  • The Colorado Steal exposed Cruz as an insider in a way nothing else could. It showed him in action. They would have done better to give Trump a few delegates. Idiots.

    I am always surprised at the ineptness of our overlords. Except you see it in history – over and over. They get into “we have the power – we don’t need to pay attention”

    “we have been covering up stuff like this for years, we can do it again”

    Hayek tried to explain it to them. When a machine has enough semi-independent moving parts predicting its behavior is impossible and trying to control its behavior is worse. The best thing to do is to let it evolve as unmolested as possible. Ride the currents. Take advantage of the eddies. Avoid brute force.

    The thing that is clear to them is that I have no secrets in the Internet Age. What is not yet clear is that neither do they. Any action on the secrets they hold is a reveal. So their knowledge is of limited value or useless. Counterproductive even.

    Of what use is a self destruct button? I’m not a Christian. At all. But the best advice I can give them is, “Go in peace.” If you need to own something try owning yourself. Because that is an infinitely harder job than owning a civilization. And infinitely more worthwhile.

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  • Carol Wennerberg

    Cruz was my 2nd choice, all along… but I have an involuntary response when I watch him speak.. something primal happens… I recoil… he’s not good… he’s not real… he’s not genuine.

    Trump is so self evidently good… like a fuzzy ole lion… if you know how to appeal to his natural sense of fair play… he’s a chump…. thwart him and he’ll gobble you up. It’s pretty straight forward.

    Cruz is, um, unctuous. It’s the only word that applies… UNCTUOUS.

    A bad man doing bad things… and even when he kisses his wife.. it’s like those phony kisses you see at dinner parties between corporate types… each barely touching the cheek… and lips turned away… like kissing that old battle ax at Windsor Castle.

    Trump is so self evidently good… his kids… his family… his goodness… but I wouldn’t cross him… THAT is why I like him… I can’t wait to see what happens to M Kelly and ole Rosie the dyke… they can kiss their careers good bye!!

    Please Donald.,… bury Obama… that traitorous fiend…. I actually voted for “yes we can”… only to find out this simian was the enemy of everything I hold dear, including Norman Rockwell Americana…

    Obama Played White America… we desperately wanted to believe in a post racial America… only to find out Obama was just another thug on the subway….