Uprising in Europe – Slovenia Chants “Donald Trump, Donald Trump” – Video


Predominantly Catholic nation Slovenia ‘choking under the surge’ of Muslim refugees.

After Brussels terrorist attacks and with the European Union estimating that 3 million more migrants will arrive in Europe this year, the patience of Slovenians, traditionally known for tolerance, is wearing thin.

Today, anti-Muslim protesters in Slovenia chanted “Donald Trump, Donald Trump!”. It looks like Europe is rising again.

The people of Slovenia felt only sympathy for the thousands of migrants who flow chest-deep across freezing rivers to reach Slovenia from Croatia, trudging day and night by his house right at the border.

That is, until they started trampling their crops and scaring cattle and chicken. They are victims of Europe’s worst migrant crisis since World War II.


H/T Red State Watcher

  • Gina Calogero

    funny other countries see the truth..

  • Joe Nozall

    Those suckers need to march their asses right back to their own countries and make a life where they came from, NOT force themselves on people they have nothing in common with and no business being there!

    • Joe Roberts

      That’s right and no need to shout Trump. He’s not going to help you. Take your own country back just like we are having to do here. You don’t see us marching off to another country do you? Hell no. We will take ours back by force if we need to but we will never march out of the country and be refugees.

  • G Bailey

    They know too that he’s the only one who can save the world from psychotic globalists.