Huffington Post : Fraud Watch : More Than Half of all Ballots Printed Did Not Have Trump’s Name on Them


10:17 AM EST UPDATE:  While initial reports indicated that thousands of ballots were misprinted, it is now being reported that more than half of all ballots in the New York state primary have been printed incorrectly.  The misprinted ballots list only Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich as Republican candidates, leaving off the controversial real estate mogul, Donald Trump.  Election officials are scrambling across the state to reach a consensus on a course of action, with opinions ranging from canceling the primary altogether to simply printing out small signs to notify voters of the mistake.  One thing remains clear: Trump’s numerous and often violent supporters are not happy.


BREAKING REPORT: Due to an apparent printing mistake, Republican hopeful Donald Trump has been left off of what could be thousands of ballots in New York state.  Shortly after the polls opened, reports of confusion and anger began pouring into election watch groups, news organizations, and state party offices.

The reports all detailed ballots on which only Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich were listed as Republican candidates.  Election officials have not issued an official statement regarding the situation, but several frustrated Trump supporters have indicated that they have been told they can vote for Trump as a write-in candidate.  At the time of press, it was not clear whether or not poll workers were informing voters of the misprint, or if they were only indicating the write in option to voters that inquired.

The results of this misprint could be devastating to the Trump campaign, which has lost considerable momentum over the last weeks.  Trump has been widely favored to win New York state and not doing so could be a death blow to his campaign.  Further, if thousands of write-in ballots have to be hand counted, it will significantly delay the result of the New York primary,  denying the Trump campaign a much needed momentum boost.

Voters that encounter misprinted ballots can contact the Ballot Watch Initiative at 1-800-293-5781  to report the incident.

The Trump campaign has not yet issued a statement regarding this situation.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.


First reported by Huffington Post

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