New Jersey Poll – Donald Trump Holds More Support than Cruz and Kasich Combined



The latest polling from Rutgers/Eagleton in New Jersey (full pdf below) shows Donald Trump with a significant lead over second place Governor John Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz.

Trump’s Garden State lead is more than Cruz and Kasich combined.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York April 29, 2015. (REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

(New Jersey) Trump has 52 percent support, followed by Gov. John Kasich of Ohio with 24 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas with 18 percent, according to a survey of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning registered voters.

The poll is the first of state voters since the Republican field narrowed to three candidates, and the first to show Trump – whom Governor Christie endorsed after suspending his own presidential campaign – with support over 50 percent.

“Despite gains by Cruz and especially Kasich since February, Trump’s large lead puts him on track to claim all 51 delegates in New Jersey’s winner-take-all primary, bringing him that much closer to clinching the nomination,” said Ashley Koning, the poll’s assistant director. (read more)

You can see from prior New Jersey Poll (same organization) how the race has changed in the past six months – but the ultimate results remain similar:



First reported at The Conservative Treehouse

  • Marie Knight

    “Maine Republicans cast their votes at caucus and elected 12 delegates for Ted Cruz, 9 for Donald Trump and 2 for John Kasich,” said Governor LePage. “We reached a deal with Cruz’s national campaign to put up a unity slate that would honor the wishes of the thousands of Mainers who voted at caucus. But Cruz’s Northeast Political Director David Sawyer lied to us and broke the deal. Sawyer stabbed us in the back, reneged on the unity slate and betrayed the Maine people.”

    “As we have seen throughout the country, Cruz’s national campaign is run by greedy political hooligans. These are the same operatives in the Republican Establishment who worked for Mitt Romney to disenfranchise Maine delegates in 2012. They are using sneaky and deceitful operators like Sawyer to try to subvert the democratic process and take all 23 delegates. I can’t stand by and watch as Cruz and the Republican Establishment forcibly overrule the votes of Mainers who chose Trump and Kasich.”

    “Not only are Cruz’s national campaign operatives trying to suppress delegates for Trump and Kasich, but they are also besmirching the efforts of the many good Maine Republicans who are Cruz supporters. They, too, deserve better than these devious machinations by professional political operators from the Republican Establishment who are scheming to stifle the voice of Mainer voters.”

    “I call on Senator Cruz to condemn Sawyer’s disrespectful and dishonest tactics in Maine. Cruz is an honorable man, and I am confident that he will do the right thing by Maine people.”

    • Richard Einstein

      Cruz is not honorable, what planet have you been living on? Cruz isn’t even eligible to be president. He hasn’t even proven he is a US citizen which is in doubt. He was a Canadian citizen and possibly is still a citizen of Cuba. Rafael Cruz is a total criminal scumbag.