Saudi Arabia Threatens U.S. With Economic Blackmail

Well you won’t hear me arguing with him about Saudi Arabia being a cancer on the world. I am among those who are appalled by the Saudi’s and incensed at their involvement with 9/11. WND has more on the threat of Economic Blackmail:

“In an escalation of tensions between nations, Saudi Arabia is threatening to sell off $750 billion in U.S. assets if Congress passes legislation allowing them to be sued for the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The move could destabilize the U.S. dollar.

Some are calling the threat economic blackmail by the Saudis to hide their alleged role of financiers of the worst terrorist attack on U.S soil. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens.

The bipartisan Senate bill is co-sponsored by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, and Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican.

The Obama administration is actively lobbying to derail the bill, arguing the legislation would put overseas Americans at legal risk. According to the New York Times, the Saudi threats have been the subject of intense discussions in recent weeks between lawmakers and officials from the State Department and the Pentagon. The officials have warned senators of diplomatic and economic fallout from the legislation.

The intensity of Obama’s opposition to the bill hits especially hard in New York City, where families who lost loved ones say President Obama is on the wrong side of the issue. The family members are currently appealing a decision made last year that protected Saudi Arabia from a lawsuit charging the country abetted the 9/11 terrorists.

“In their view, the Obama administration has consistently sided with the kingdom and has thwarted their efforts to learn what they believe to be the truth about the role some Saudi officials played in the terrorist plot,” notes the New York Times.

Jim Riches, a retired FDNY deputy chief whose firefighter son Jimmy died in the Trade Center collapse, said: “I’m furious. This is a slap in the face to the 9/11 families. Let them keep their money. We don’t want their money. It’s not worth 3,000 American lives. Call their bluff.”

As America approaches the 15th anniversary of the attacks, Riches expressed fury at Obama. “How in his right conscience can he do this? Meanwhile, they slap us in the face. Stand up for our principles.”

“It’s stunning to think that our government would back the Saudis over its own citizens,” said Mindy Kleinberg, whose husband died in the World Trade Center.

“It’s blackmail, that’s all it is,” said Sharon Premoli, who escaped from the 80th floor of the north tower after the hijacked planes hit. She added flatly, “This has got to stop. The threat shows that they are really nervous. They don’t want to show up in court.”

The financial ultimatum was personally delivered by Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir during a trip to Washington last month. He told lawmakers Saudi Arabia would be forced to sell hundreds of billions in treasury securities and other U.S. assets before they could be frozen in American courts.”

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Donald Trump won’t be kissing the Saudi’s rear ends if he is the President. He has said that he would halt oil purchases if they didn’t pitch in to fight ISIS. Think that wouldn’t hurt?  Think again the Saudi’s just had to take $10 Billion in bank loans.

Donald Trump has also called for the redacted pages to be released.

  • Joe Roberts

    I don’t think we should be able to sue them unless they promoted it. Besides, it would open up the door for us to be sued all the time for getting involved with arming “freedom fighters” and everything else we stick our noses into that we shouldn’t. However, I would not let them blackmail us. I would tell them to do what they have to do and we will not buy any of their oil. We will go into full force production here and no longer protect them. Let the other countries attack them and take their oil from them. They will change their tune then but of course Obama won’t do that because he loves them.

  • Thomas Mack

    Some of our strange bedfellows are now complaining about our snoring.

  • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump