The Voters Have Eliminated Ted Cruz He Should Drop Out

Only a GOP insider would remain in the race when it’s mathematically impossible to win honestly. By honestly I mean by the voters own hands with the voters giving you the popular majority. It isn’t a win for the voters if candidates are buying or stealing delegates to override the voice of the people!

On February 29, 2016 Lyin Ted Cruz said;

‘A contested convention is the great hope of the Republican establishment, it is how they are drowning away their sorrows,’ Cruz told reporters here a day before Super Tuesday. In a contested convention, he continued, mocking the establishment, ‘All these crazy voters go one way, we’ll step in with all of our moneyand anoint our white knight to ride in and save the day. That’s not going to happen.’

Asked directly whether he was preparing for a contested convention, Cruz replied flatly, “No.”

On April 8th, Ted’s campaign manager had the nerve to say that if Trump didn’t get over 50% in his home state he should drop out. Pretty nervy considering Ted Cruz only got 44% in Texas, the state he claims as his home. Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz was born in Canada.

Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz like a drum yesterday in New York. Ted Cruz has been eliminated by the voters own hands, he should take his own advice and DROP OUT.

Results in New York’s primary mean it is now mathematically impossible for Cruz to clinch nomination based on pledged delegates. From the Washington Post:

“In order to maintain the slim, infinitesimal hope that he might be able to clinch the Republican nomination by winning pledged delegates, Ted Cruz needed to win at least a handful of delegates in New York. He didn’t. He now joins John Kasich (and every other Republican who once ran) in the category of “people who can’t clinch the nomination on pledged delegates.”

Of the 17 Republicans that started the race, only one candidate isn’t in that box: Donald Trump.

Trump’s challenge hasn’t been Kasich or Cruz for a while; he’s battling against 1,237, the number of pledged delegates he needs to clinch before the convention. And in that race, every delegate counts.”


H/T RedStateWatcher

  • Thomas Mack

    But, the ends justifies the means with the Cruzin to give us a brusin candidate, he believes he’s anointed. Hopefully more voters are realizing how bizarre this guy is. I’m cueing up Sinatra, “Start spreading the news….”

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      Perfect meme for Ted!

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  • SandyT

    It’s really sad when a so-called “constitutional scholar” like Cruz LIES his way into a presidential primary for which he is not constitutionally eligible to hold the office he is seeking. Cruz’s birth in Canada makes him a “naturalized by congressional statute” citizen, NOT a natural born citizen, as required for the office by our Constitution. Not only was he born in a foreign country, his father was NOT a citizen and didn’t become a citizen until 2005. Ted himself, held Canadian citizenship until he “renounced it” in May 2014. A natural born citizen is not subject to the citizenship of another country. It’s what you are born with that counts. NO one can become a “natural born citizen” retroactively, by renouncing another country’s citizenship. Trump is right! Cruz IS a LIAR!
    Like most people my age, I was taught what natural born citizen meant, the way the Founders defined it, one born in a country to parents (plural) who were citizens of that country when their child was born…specific to the U.S., born in the U.S. to parents who are both U.S. citizens at the time their child is born. Civics must not be taught in America any more, at least not the way the Founders wanted it to be. These days, “progressives” want to change the Constitution to suit themselves. Obama was never eligible even if he had been born in the White House, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen, nor was he even a legal resident of the U.S. Obama, Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal were all born with dual citizenship, since not one of them had both “birth in the U.S.” AND “two citizen parents”. NOT eligible!