Hannity is Going to Put Pennsylvania Delegate List and Who They Support on His Website so its Fair – Video


I am getting pretty sick of the Cruz supporters giving Hannity so much crap saying that he is “playing favorites”.  Well hell, last I checked, Levin and Beck have officially endorsed Cruz!


  • Bradley Stephens


    • Trenaway ElDaryl

      Trump cult, all they do is spout the lies of their god Trump!

  • whhmjr

    I voted for Donald Trump on the first day of early voting in Maryland. Only three picks for primary and three for alternate delegates committed to Trump, which made it easy because we can only vote for three of each. In Maryland the the delegate’s names are shown with who they are supporting in parentheses.

    • ruthinindiana

      That’s nice. Indiana isn’t so lucky. Our delegates are picked and 1 for Trump the rest for Cruz. Not happy!

      • Beeta

        Has Indiana already voted and selected delegates? I thought that was coming up yet in the next few weeks.

        • Nancy Campanelli

          Several states are already decided even BEFORE the people vote.

          • Jackson Furst

            That is soooooooo not fair

        • ruthinindiana

          Sorry Beeta, like you I thought our delegates were picked after the May vote. No they are picked before and the article said all delegates were for Ted Cruz but 1. And the name was given. Could not believe that! But it is true. Emery McClendon is a delegate for Indiana ask him if he is for Ted Criz.

      • Jim Thomas

        Follow the money…delegates can be bought!

    • meme35


  • Philomena Maria

    notice Limbaugh’s reaction when Sean says he’s going to put the list on his website… ‘sigh.. you bastard’….

    • Miss Annie

      I am waiting with baited breath to see the new FEC filings for the Cruz backed Super PACs. We have busted Beck, Levin, Shapiro, Erickson for taking Cruz PAC money. Wondering, wondering, wondering about Rush.

  • Connie

    I listen to Hannity’s Radio Show regularly. Hannity’s nightly TV Show is one of the FEW FOX NEWS SHOWS I still watch. I feel Hannity and Greta Van Susteren have been very FAIR to Trump. I am beginning to realize that the Cruz Supporters are very UNEDUCATED when it comes to the Real Background of Ted Cruz. He is NOT WHAT HE PRETENDS TO BE!!!! He is as much a part of the D.C. ESTABLISHMENT as the rest of the CORRUPT LYING POLITICIANS that are DESTROYING OUR NATION! Cruz did ONE THING to FOOL SOME PEOPLE into thinking he was an OUTSIDER. HE FILIBUSTERED! That’s All! Everything else that the D C. BUMS did Cruz was right by their sides LYING, SUPPORTING and/or VOTING FOR. NAFTA, THE PACIFIC TRADING PARTNERSHIP, INCREADING THR NUMBER IF H1B VISAS, ETC. The Very Laws and Regulations that have caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs. The Very Laws and Regulations that have increased our debt and taxes. These are NOT THE THINGS A REAL CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN stands for or Votes for. He’s a Liar and a PHONY! He PRETENDS to be an OUTSIDER!!!!! How can he be an Outsider when he’s been Involved in Local, State and Federal Government his ENTIRE CAREER? LUDICROUS! THERE IS ONLY ONE CONSERVATIVE OUTSIDER IN OUR PRESIDENTIAL RACE. THAT PERSON IS DONALD TRUMP. I THINK SEAN IS BEGINNING TO SEE THE TRUTH!!!!!

    • meme35

      of course he is a outsider….outside theUSA…FROM CANADA

  • muleskinner

    Hannnity is the dumbest person in media. The word redundant was made for Sean. The so called conservative media is as dead as the Republican Party.

    • Miss Annie

      Oh you mean he just wasn’t paid off by the Cruz PACs right?

      • muleskinner

        mm hmm,sure, Cruz is handing out $5 for delegates(According to the mouth breathers), Trump sends goons

  • Caroline Brown

    The media should not be endorsing anyone. Conflict of interest period.

    • SandyT

      Sean ISN’T a reporter or newsperson, Caroline, and neither are Rush, etc. They are people with OPINIONS and are entitled to express them, since they don’t “report the news”. They are not journalists and never tried to portray themselves as journalists.

  • sleepergirl

    This move by Hannity SURELY demonstrates that he’s FAIR and BALANCED, no? I don’t watch Hannity anymore. He’s a shill for Trump as is the entire Trump News Network. Can’t the brilliant successful rich billionaire do his own due dilegence???? He needs help from little Sean. What’s up with that? Cruz is not crying and whining like the Donald Duck. He’s just keeps plugging away and talking jobs, freedom, security. Cruz 2016.

    • Kelly Lauckern

      Is that OK that someone can BE for Trump since the media and establishment the Stop Trump campaign are all against him but despite all of the anti-Trumps he still can not be beat!! The more Cruz speaks the more you see just what a snake in the grass he really is!! I mean what candidate who truly cared for his country and people would purposely be trying to take the Republicans into a convention even if it meant that he was forcing a democrat into presidency!! That shows me what kind of person he really is, He is a Trump wannabe.

    • Alma Gallicio Russo

      You are so wrong,
      cruz is definitely a lying sneak. He is obsessed with Trump. He should own up to his infidelities, but he is just like Clinton, denying, denying. I read today that his wife filed for separation and divorce in 2006 due to his infidelities,and was arrested wandering on a busy highway, and then to a hospital for help.

      • sleepergirl

        Where are you getting your “facts?” There is a whole lot of S**T garbage trashing the Cruz’s on very ANTI-CRUZ sites like Gateway Pundit, Conservative Outhouse, Printly, even Trumpbart. Try finding corroborating info on mainstream news sites. Not there.

  • SandyT

    I think Sean is finally catching on to Ted’s lies and cheating! Good for him!