Activist Sues RNC and Reince Priebus for Rigging Delegates

We started writing about Ted Cruz using shady tactics to steal delegates a while back. What makes this even more appalling is we also pointed out that Lyin Ted Cruz had claimed he was against a Contested Convention. The only way Ted Cruz or John Kasich can win is via delegate theft. They both have been mathematically eliminated from the race by the voters.

We also pointed out that delegates can be bought. As Hot Air notes;

“But if you want to pretend these conversations aren’t taking place in the Cruz and Kasich camps, well… I’d love to know what color the sky is in your world. The campaigns are allowed to provide travel expenses, deliver “gifts” and make promises of future meetings and events in the home states of the delegates. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck you can all it an eagle all day long but you’re not going to be inspiring much confidence in the voters.”

Donald Trump previously called the RNC and Reince Priebus a “disgrace” and blasted the party’s delegate system as “absolutely rigged.”He discusses the delegate buying with Sean Hannity in this video.

People are sick of the rigged process and one Conservative activist is planning to do something about it. The complaint was filed by attorney Larry Klayman, founder of both Judicial Watch and the newer Freedom Watch, in Leon County Circuit Court in his home state of Florida.”

 ‘We cannot allow Republican establishment … to take away our constitutional right’

From The Hill;

The founder of the conservative group Freedom Watch filed a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee and chairman Reince Priebus on Thursday, accusing the national party of “conspiring to defraud” GOP primary voters.

The lawsuit, filed by conservative activist Larry Klayman, also targets the Republican Party of Florida and Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, alleging that party leaders have colluded to deprive Donald Trump of his victory in the Sunshine State.

The lawsuit claims that national party leaders and Republican officials in Florida led voters to believe that the state’s 99 delegates would be bound to the winner for every ballot at a potential contested convention.

“Defendants, each and every one of them, fraudulently held out to Florida voters, and the public at large, that their votes cast at the Florida Republican Presidential Primary would be counted and not nullified in nominating a presidential candidate,” the lawsuit reads.

“In fact, Defendants are conspiring to make delegates free to disregard the popular vote and support whichever candidate they desire after the first ballot of the Republican National Convention.”

Trump won the Florida primary in March and is entitled to all 99 of the state’s delegates through the first three ballots at the national convention in July. After that, the delegates are free to support whomever they choose.

Klayman alleged that the state party is seeking to reduce the delegates’ commitment to Trump from three ballots to only one.

Furthermore, he asserted that party leaders have arranged a system that allows them to bribe delegates to sway their votes.

“Unsurprisingly, Republican Party insiders, known colloquially as the ‘Republican Establishment,’ have defrauded and engaged in election misconduct and thus illegally manipulated the election system to end up with a candidate that fits their own political and financial agendas,” the lawsuit states.

“As a result, the votes cast by Florida citizens and taxpayers are diluted, disenfranchised and nullified, and subsequently, Florida Republican voters are substantially deprived of their fundamental right to vote.”

RNC members are meeting this week in Florida to plan the GOP convention in July.

The meetings are closely watched as many are anticipating a contested convention, where alterations to the process could impact which candidate emerges as the nominee.

Klayman has a history of bringing lawsuits, mostly against Democrats.

He has sued Hillary Clinton for racketeering related to her use of a private email server, President Obama over his executive actions on guns and the nuclear deal with Iran, and the former head of the National Security Agency over violations of Americans’ constitutional rights.

Originally published at The Hill;

Conservative activist sues the RNC, alleging delegate fraud

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  • Alley Kation Cruz gives cash for delegates, which is not allowed.

  • Billy S DuBose

    Go get them “Freedom Watch” …’s a crooked ass bunch of politicians and they deserve prosecution, stealing from the People! Please keep in mind that, although Trump may not be the kind of polished politician that you are accustom to, he is the only candidate we have in either Party that has pledged his commitment to the American People, and not lobbyist or PACs. He has pledged to: (1) Put Americans first, (2) take care of our Vet.s and Sr.s, (3) Save Social Security (4) Rid the world of ISIS and homeland Terrorism, (5) Save the 2nd Amendment Rights (6) Negotiate better trade deals, (7) secure our borders and put into place a better vetting,(8) to Rebuild our military and untie their hands to do their jobs (9) to help the homeless in our country (10) To treat all Americans equally. (11) to establish a fair tax code for all economic levels, (12) to rid us of Obama Care and replace it with a better , more competitive insurance, (13) to negotiate better military policies and increase our reimbursement from those we protect, (13) to cut Gov waists, (14) to cut Fed Gov. involvement in education and return most control to States (15) to stop drugs from entering the country.(16) To monitor radical groups more closely and increase surveillance (17) to bring back businesses to America, as well as, change the business laws to keep them from leaving in the first place,(18) to negotiate better Pharmacy drug prices for health care, (19) to negotiate with colleges to cut waists to lower college tuition (20) to balance US debt in 8 yrs. (21) to reach out to other nations to establish a better relationship with America,(22) to take the steadfast stance of pro-life and not funding abortions, (23) and to Support our great ally , Israel, at all costs. Other than his bold manner, which is needed to gain the respect of the world and Capitol Hill, what is there not to like about Donald Trump. The media has conjured up several falsehoods, such as racism and bigotry, which is totally unfounded, about Donald Trump. He is not, nor ever has been a racist. He was unfairly labeled by the media and others over his suggestion that we establish a better vetting process , in our immigration policy, which only makes common sense to most Americans. Please vote for Trump! He is the only hope for “Making America Great Again”, and he is the only one for “We The People”! Now…Trump is not going to lay all of his cards on the table to anyone. Why, because he is a negotiator…! So it is not so much a question as to how will Trump get these things done, rather, it is a question of whether or not you believe Trump means what he says. We Trumpers believe in this man, and we are completely confident that Trump will keep his word to the American people,to the best of his ability,and is a far better investment than any of the other candidates. Thank You for your time!! This is the most important election of our lifetime… get out and vote for Trump! Also, Watch Trump’s speech to AIPAC….he did such a great job! ….

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