Senator Stompeyfoot’s Petulant Radio Response to Getting Shlonged by Donald Trump in New York


Yes, I said it. Senator Stompeyfoot.  Ted Cruz and other GOP operatives are incessantly calling Donald Trump a “whiner” because of his complaints about a seriously crooked and weighted system.

Lou Barletta has himself stated that he stands by Trump’s comments saying that this system is horribly weighted against outsiders – period.


However, I have NEVER heard Donald Trump attack the voters, for voting their conscience the way that Ted Cruz has done during this radio interview, or in the past.  Ted Cruz has stated that Trump supporters are low information voters.

Now let’s just take a teeny second to address the absurdities that Cruz is spewing in this video about Trump funding “liberal policies” and the Gang of Eight Bill.

Let’s look to David Horowitz as he wrote “Gang Rape – Why the Attacks on Trump are Increasing His Support”  for this clear perspective :

Ted Cruz has also diminished himself through his immoderate attacks on Trump. Cruz has won the admiration of conservatives, myself included, by showing the kind of political courage that has been so missing in congressional ranks, and Trump it should be said is wrong to have dismissed his lonely stands as accomplishing nothing. Ted Cruz is also very smart – smart enough to know that when businessman Trump contributes to powerful Democrats he is buying influence and not “funding the architects of Obamacare,” as the senator claims. Cruz is smart enough to know that since Trump was not a politician or political activist until this year he was not “flip-flopping” as a politician who supported both sides would be. But this knowledge hasn’t prevented Cruz from attacking Trump over and over for that very sin.

So let’s begin to parse out this radio interview and Senator Stompeyfoot’s petulant behavior.  Now if you question my source for the info on this radio show, let me tell you that it is Breitbart!   For those who say that Breitbart is in the tank for Trump, you are sorely mistaken.  The Breitbart Media Group is financially backed and funded by Hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer. Mercer was/is the originating financial backer for the Ted CruzKeep the Promise” (KtP 1, KtP2 and KtP3) Super-PACs.  Mercer is also the financial backing behind Cambridge Analytica.

Senator Stompeyfoot said Wednesday morning that a contested Republican convention is certain and that supporters of Donald Trump are ultimately helping Hillary Clinton reach the White House.

During a radio interview for a Philadelphia morning show, Cruz predicted with certainty that the Republican Party is “headed to a contested convention.” He suggests Trump supporters “might as well put a Hillary sticker on your car.”

Let me just say for myself, and most Trump supporters I know and have discussed this “invitation for debate” with, we really DO NOT WANT Donald Trump to debate Ted Cruz.  The debates are meaningless because Ted Cruz lies shamelessly. Lies to Trump’s face, behind his back, at rallies, during interviews, the man lies more than Obama!!  Trump supporters are sick of it.  We do not need to see another episode of “Lyin Ted”. Don’t believe me, here is a video compilation of Ted Cruz lying about Trump’s positions :

Now back to the Radio interview where Senator Stompeyfoot had his knickers in a knot and it showed!

Cruz is the only one that seems to think that we are headed for a contested convention! Actually Cruz is now mathematically blocked from being able to reach the 1237. There are not enough available delegates left to cover Cruz’s deficit to reach the 1237.  Even Sean Spicer, the RNC Communications direction agrees that Donald Trump is the only one who is able to reach the 1237 at this point!

Interestingly enough, when Kasich become mathematically blocked from reaching the 1237, Ted Cruz called for him to drop out of the race, calling him a spoiler!  Do you think that Ted Cruz should take his own advice and drop out?

Alright, back to Senator Stompeyfoot’s Petulant Radio Response.

The way it looks to me, is that any host that doesn’t bow down, cow tow, endorse, or otherwise kiss the arse of Ted Cruz he calls “In the tank for Trump”.  I do believe that it was this testy interview that got Senator Stompeyfoot’s knickers in a knot over Sean Hannity. Oh boy, Sean Hannity was really hard on him. Made him stick to topics and answer questions & stuff! Ouch!


Back to the Petulant Radio Response from Senator Stompeyfoot:

Wow! Just wow!  So apparently the only radio hosts that he likes are the ones that are admittedly in the take for him!!

Let’s just take a closer look at Glenn Beck for moment.  First of all, Glenn Beck has openly endorsed Ted Cruz.  I am sure after an open endorsement Senator Stompeyfoot loves going on Glenn Becks show and having his hiney kissed.  Let’s see to what extent that hiney is kissed!

Wow! That’s a pretty big butt kissing where I come from! Divinely annointed?  And listen, I am a Christian and so by no means am I making fun or light of ANY Christian principles here.  As a Christian, I disavow Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck!   May God have mercy on their souls for using His Word to manipulate the masses!

I have learned over the years to follow the money! Want to know what could inspire Glenn Beck to give such a “glowing” expression of Ted Cruz? Have a look here to see all of the interesting places that Cruz Pac Money is flowing to.  Yes, it does include Radio insiders!

So from the above tweet we can see that Senator Stompeyfoot also favors Mark Levin.  Could it be because Mark Levin has fully endorsed Ted Cruz as well?  Levin’s endorsement may not be as glowing as Beck’s, but it sure has worked out well for Levin!  I think that Levin’s family member scoring a job with the Cruz campaign and Cruz PACs buying at least $400,000 dollars worth of Levin’s books are noteworthy, how about you?

Well now that we have gotten those two out of the way, let’s move on with this Petulant radio response from Senator Stompeyfoot!

Well he better have a whole mess of cousins and family up in there because according to Real Clear Politics Trump is up +37 in Delaware!  Also according to Real Clear Politics he continues to maintain double digit leads in all the polls in Pennsylvania . 

For Real? We really want to continue Obama & Hillary’s foreign policy?  That’s what this is.  This Anti-Putin and Pro-Nato stances are just a continuation of their foreign policy! Where has that gotten us?  This is not the time or place to give a foreign policy “speech” but we must educate ourselves just a wee bit here.

So let’s look at NATO.  I am just gonna say it outright – NATO is corrupt!  NATO is doing the bidding of Obama & Hillary, what does that tell ya? Look at Libya, isn’t that a beauty? Look at Egypt!  Thank God Sisi went in there and kicked the Obama installed Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt, or they would be looking more like Libya!

NATO is perched on Russia’s borders because of what is going on in Ukraine.  Does anyone REALLY know what went down in Ukraine?  It was no different than the Soros/Obama/EU/Turkey funded Arab Spring. Its really no different than what they do right here in our own country, in areas like Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago.  They PAY violent protesters to go in and get violent and then call it an “uprising”.  No different than Syria.  Then they fund and arm the forces to continue fighting until they can accomplish their “regime change”.

In Ukraine, they did the same thing and they installed a Nazi government.  Why do you think that the Jews were fleeing to Israel and Israel was offering them FAST refugee status and helping them get there?  Israel knew.  They did a bloodbath in Ukraine, just as they have done in Syria.  Putin is helping Ukraine, Putin is helping Syria.  So, Putin is the bad guy is he?  Notice in the articles below that the Nazis installed into Ukraine have also allied with the Islamic Jihadis. Now isn’t that right up in Obama’s wheelhouse?

I am just going to leave some links here for the purpose of education and then we can continue with Senator Stompeyfoot’s Petulant Radio Response.

It’s Not Russia that Pushed Ukraine to the Brink of War 

US and EU are Paying Ukrainian Protesters 

Obama Admits US Role in Ukraine Overthrow  

The Mess that Nuland Made

Leaked : George Soros Puppet Master Behind Ukrainian Regime Change- Trails of Corruption Revealed

US Backed Neo-Nazi Party Given Key Roles in New Ukrainian Government 

Another Regime Change Success : Ukraine President Less Popular than State Department Ousted Predecessor 

Soros Admits Responsibility for Coup and Mass Murder in Ukraine

Washington Orchestrated Protests are Destabilizing Ukraine 

So now that you have seen all of this, please tell me, why is NATO on Russia’s border for its response to Ukraine?  You do realize that Turkey is the 2nd largest military in NATO, and it wasn’t all that long ago that Turkey shot down one of Russia’s planes – that was fighting in Syria.  NATO is corrupt! Time to get out! Cut and run before we are dragged into any more of these disastrous scenarios!

Now, after seeing that Ted Cruz is intent on following Obama’s foreign policy, do we really think he will make a great President and that he is anti Establishment? (I know Trump supporters do not!)

Here is a video just to top that off :

Ok, let’s continue to look at Senator Stompeyfoot’s Petulant Radio Response! :

As far as Israel and aid goes, it is just plain silly to borrow from Peter to pay to Paul.  If we are borrowing from China to give aid to Mexico, Pakistan, Israel, etc..  How just plain silly!  We must clean up our mess!!

Apparently, Cruz is not concerned with winning over any Trump supporters.

So let’s see what Paul Manafort, Trump’s Convention Manager has to say about reaching the 1237!



  • MariaCristina Jose-Vecin

    Thank you for sharing the links. I always had a feeling that George Soros IS behind all the chaos and protests during Trump rallies . Also demonstrations against anything Obama or Ted Cruz. Trump supporters do not go and demonstrate against other politicians. Any Media, whether ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ are in Soros’ pocket… he has Moles planted all over to report to him and create confusion and chaos… Soros is the face of the One World Govt. He pretends to be the King of Kings… he is pulling the global strings and people don’t even realize it. I am afraid that he will do everything to make Hillary the President because she has been doing his bidding for a long, long time. I hope God doesn’t allow this to happen.

    • Miss Annie

      Russia has an arrest warrant issued for him. Not sure if any other countries do! Putin is the only one fighting Soros and the globalists! And of course Trump!

  • Thomas Mack

    Probably just as well as some of these competing GOP candidates showed their true colors, what if they’d dropped out early, and were picked as the VP? I like that idea of Giuliani for veep. And, this election has been the most important since, since….for bringing out the conspiracy that has infiltrated both parties. Trump, now, more than ever!

    • Acecool

      Donald Trump is truly a hard act to follow. One of a kind and no other politician comes close to what he’ll do for America. If we lose him, we’ve lost it all.