Pennsylvania Delegate List, Ballot Preview and Voter Card Information


There has been a lot of talk about delegates and delegates list going around social media lately.  I am so grateful that the Trump Campaign has put out its own delegate list because I would have been VERY hesitant to publish one from anywhere else!

From the Donald J Trump website, here is the delegate list and Voter Information Card. If you are from Pennsylvania, I highly recommend printing this off and taking it with you to go vote!

Let’s take a look at the PA Ballots & Trump’s voter card and see how they relate.  I highlighted some important thinks to look for that relate to The Campaign’s list that they provided.

Let’s take a look at Trump’s voter card below:


As you can see, I highlighted Jan C Ting’s name.  Take a look at the PA Ballot below and you will understand why!

Yea, I know the graphic is big. Doing that for hard of seeing people like me!

You can see on the ballot for this district that Jan C Ting’s name is an option. So you would compare the Trump list of delegates, to the options on your ballot and select the ones that match.  You can see that it says not to vote for more than 3, so follow those instructions as well.

Here is a link for the printable version of the voter card at Donald J 

Please print a copy of the delegate list / voter card information before going to vote!