Urgent Action Alert : Trump Supporters Needed at Arizona GOP Convention April 30th



(ARIZONA Op-Ed) If you are in Arizona, mark April 30th on your calendar and plan to attend because Arizona GOP elite says Trump voters don’t matter.

This is why the Arizona Cruz supporters and the GOP establishment elite have entered into an unholy alliance to “stack the deck to steal the national delegates” from Mr. Trump at the Arizona GOP State Convention scheduled for April 30 in Mesa.

A delegation of 1,251 state delegates elected from 40 Arizona Legislative and County Caucuses will descend on Mesa on April 30. Unfortunately, many of these state delegates are Cruz supporters led by Constantin Querard and “anyone but Trump” supporters led by Robert Graham and the RINO establishment.

Jeff DeWit, Arizona’s Treasurer and Mr. Trump’s Campaign Chairman, and the Trump supporters have been extremely vocal and visibly upset with the party bosses sleazy Gestapo tactics and dirty tricks. That’s why an online petition has been started demanding Robert Graham, the Arizona GOP Chairman, immediately resign. If you are a Trump supporter, then please sign the petition.

If you are a Trump supporter and outraged the AZGOP elite says your vote doesn’t matter; then I encourage you to attend the AZGOP State Convention on April 30th at the Mesa Convention Center, 263 N. Center St., Mesa, starting at 8 a.m., to protest and have your voices heard.

Together we can “Make America Great Again”!


According to the Arizona Secretary of State Official Data – On March 22nd, 286,743 Arizona voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump to be the Republican Party presidential nominee. Ted Cruz got 172,294 votes – fewer votes than Bernie Sanders – in a state that is supposed to be conservative.


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First reported by The Conservative Treehouse