The Confidential Memo Behind a Ted Cruz Victory Over Donald Trump Supporters in Georgia



On Saturday, Harry Abrams was a member of the five-member nominating committee for the 11th District GOP convention. The committee had spent the previous week interviewing 61 applicants for the three delegate and three alternate spots the convention was to hand out.

In the end, the committee produced a six-person slate that led with a Donald Trump supporter, Lori Pesta of Cherokee County. But on a motion from the floor, the slate was dumped and the elimination of Trump supporters began.

In an after-action report, Abrams sent out the confidential blueprint that Ted Cruz supporters received on Friday night, and operated from on Saturday morning. The four-page memo is somewhat faint, but the detail is worth the squinting.

Writes Abrams in an introduction:

Was anything illegal done?  I would have to say no.  Was the Convention Packed.  I would say yes.  Under our “rules” was anything done that was illegal?  No. 

Was the fact that the website has been “down for over a month questionable?  Why did the District 11 Vice Chair ask me for a copy of the By-Laws on Thursday, prior to the Convention?  Supposition not accusation.  Maybe, it was the Chair recognized the exceptional talent of the 11th IT group, while I had notified them of the outage several times over the last month.  That these individuals are now identified as Cruzer’s is questionable. 

As Mr. Scott Johnson was noted as a “stand up – stay sitting” flag by the above referenced group, questionable as to the motivation for the Rules Committee which he headed?  Again supposition on my part, not accusation. 

The sole “sour grapes” that I will point out is that Mr. Huckabee was my candidate in the Presidential Preference Primary.  The fact that my wife put a Trump sign in our yard probably let the Cruzer’s assign intent that was not there.  I do find it interesting that I was considered a “threat to their control”.

As to Mr. Carver’s, official impartial position, I’ll let you make of that what you will.

And here are the instructions that went out to Cruz supporters before Saturday’s convention. All delegate applicants had been graded according to their presidential inclinations — green for Cruz, yellow for unsure, and red for Trump:  ( I made these images LARGE so they would be readable, keep scrolling, there are 4 pages!)





Here is a video that was taken at the event.



First reported byJim Galloway at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution 



  • Acecool

    Liars, cheaters, manipulators, will find their place in line on the day of Judgment. Count on it! Jeopardizing the pursuit of happiness, health and welfare of an entire country in favor of an elite establishment over the voice of the people, regardless of how the rules are manipulated, is not only treasonous against the country as a whole, but downright dastardly deceptive. Legalities and Rules set by certain parties that lean toward bias, will be part of your own judgment. As you have judged, you too will be judged likewise.

    “Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble!
    Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!”…….and it will come. Don’t say you weren’t warned!
    Matthew 18:7

    • Lily Li

      See, we are not fighting with Ted, we are fight with system, it is way too much more harder than fighting with Ted. The system gives devils like Ted an opportunity to steal delegates over peoples votes. It should be stopped.

      • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

        There’s a reason people call him Lyin Ted

      • Acecool

        My comment wasn’t about Ted, but all people who live to deceive others. Especially those who jeopardize the health, welfare and livelihood of an entire nation.