• Michelle Castañeda

    He should be booed. All this guys does is lie. Ind is my home state. Please come though for us Ind, we need you. #VoteTrump2016 and let’s take back our country together.

  • winmatt53
  • Anita

    I don’t watch him but every time I turn on the TV and it is Cruz the only thing I hear out of his mouth is Trump. Is that all he does is talk about Trump…no ideas of his own.

  • Chuck Bays

    The RNC continues to wage war against American voters. Hope the first shot of the 2nd American Revolution rings out on election day this November.

  • Luigi Amaretto

    Only one Vote……

    It used to be simple…You go out and vote for a next president of your choosing…

    …… not anymore..

    ..now you have been told to vote for some a guy just to stop another guy becoming president..

    Are you sure you want to do that ?

    ..you will not know whom you voted for as next president…someone will make that important decision for you !

    Are you sure you want to do that ?

    …you only have one vote ! do not waste it…

  • 300mag

    He should be booed out of politics! Long but have a listen….