Colorado County GOP Chair : Error’s With Cruz’s Delegate Win – Might Need a Do-Over


The chairwoman of the Boulder County GOP has admitted that grave errors affected the Colorado Republican caucus, in which Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) won a clean sweep of 34 delegates without opening up the process to voting by everyday citizens.

Breitbart News has obtained an email that Boulder County GOP chairwoman Peg Cage sent to other top Republican officials in Colorado, including to other party chairs, describing the errors in the process that led to “the perception of fraud.” Reached for comment on the email, Cage said that the caucus might have to be done over.

Since Breitbart News’s original report on massive voting problems at the caucus — including names of candidates being left off ballots and at least one woman not being able to vote — insiders have come forward to tell this reporter about other alleged inconsistencies, including a screw-up in the Pueblo and Mesa counties that led to one county having twenty more ballots and another twenty less. Trump supporters even protested the results of the caucus on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol.

“Rather than spend their time working on try to build integrity and correct errors — I know that’s happening they’re working on it right now —today at 1:30 there’s a bill being pushed by [state chairman] Steve House to push from a caucus system to a primary system as if that would change things,” Boulder County chairwoman Peg Cage told Breitbart News.

“The Trump supporters think that the Cruz supporters stole the election. The Cruz supporters were very concerned that they might not get seated in Cleveland” so they have been publicizing that the Trump campaign does not plan to contest the results, Cage said. But those delegates could still be un-seated by the Republican National Committee.

“If it’s that bad, I guess if there’s any question that our delegates won’t be seated, then that would be a case where it might make sense to have a do-over,” Cage said. “I would say it would. It might be the better way to go just to make sure that our delegates, they ought to be able to go forth and get seated.”

“I think they were mostly, from what I saw, clerical errors. To me, it’s inexcusable … The ballots themselves had names missing. People who had signed up.”

“It seemed to happen in all of the districts. So I guess the state has something to do it because it was up to the state who received those forms … There were many people at the state convention itself who they had to say, well this person was this number and it doesn’t appear that way in the book. It just wasn’t clean … It wasn’t clean because of those clerical mistakes,” Cage added.

Cage indicated that she is not a Trump supporter, but rather a Cruz supporter simply concerned with electoral integrity, saying, “As a county chairman I can’t publicly declare. I do have a favorite … Well, I was standing up by the stage when [Cruz] was up there.”

Cage sent an email expressing her concerns to fellow party chairs last Tuesday.

“Changing the process by which we get to counting votes won’t change the perception of fraud,” Cage wrote. “There were problems with the election in Colorado Springs:

  1. Many people who had filed their Intent to Run for National Delegate forms were not put on a ballot.
  2. Clerical errors created the perception of fraud (duplicate and omitted names and numbers)
  3. Despite calls for unity by elected party officials, one candidate was perceived to have been favored
  4. Ballot counting was perceived to have been done in secret, by the Secretary of State (in his orange Cruz shirt) on equipment from the county where he was the County Clerk.”

Cage was referring to Secretary of State Wayne Williams, who showed up to the caucus in an orange Ted Cruz shirt and was photographed with Cruz election lawyer David Sawyer in a Facebook photo:


Cage detailed further problems:

SOLUTION:  We, the elected party officials for our counties, are responsible to call for a complete airing of the problems, including naming each offended party and the candidate they pledged to support and showing all ballots with their additions and omissions.  A flow chart, like Anil’s, for each county should be included to show that procedures were followed correctly to get delegates to the assembly.  We must insist that professional clerical staff be added and trained at the State level to avoid mistakes that cause such contention…

…There were mistakes- people who had filed their Intent to Run forms were not put on the ballot. It happened in every CD and at the state assembly. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t done to favor Cruz, as his Colorado campaign chairman, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) , was left off the CD4 ballot. But it happened frequently enough that the perception was that fraud had been committed. That was bad, but leaving numbers off of a simple sequenced number ballot is inexcusable. These were simply clerical errors (I hope – see, there’s room for doubt), but they brought division among our ranks and could have been prevented if the staff had been more professional and double-checked their work.

Cage wrote to the state party chairman Steve House:

Steve, if you see this note, that’s why it’s seen as bad for me to be on your side. You ran on election integrity and promised that you’d create a team of people that could train us at the county level to watch for fraud in our elections, but that hasn’t happened yet. Republican County Clerks should be included in such a team, but there also need to be folks who are not Clerks. Clerks get re-elected if they make voting easy, but as we’ve seen in this discussion, ease of voting doesn’t equate to integrity in voting…You may not agree with my particular solution, and I am certainly open to discussion that leads to the best solution, but we must take the blame and make it stop here. Or lose.

Reached by phone, Colorado GOP spokesman Kyle Kohli said that Trump convention manager Paul Manafort “indicated to our delegates directly” that Trump would not contest Cruz’s delegate share.

“There was never any concern about the delegation being un-seated to begin with,” Kohli said.


First reported by PATRICK HOWLEY at Breitbart 

  • The people of Colorado need to let their party leaders know that they want the right to choose the Republican nominee for their state. They should demand a new primary! If denied, they should vote out all Republican candidates this fall.


      Please read above, I have done all I know to do but am still working on it.

      • Thank you so much for all your effort. Wish I were a Colorado citizen and could help vote the offenders out of office, but I will do what I can to help including spreading this story across social media!

  • Acecool

    Let it be known, Colorado politicians and their cohorts are not only foolishly negligent, but highly devious and corrupt. I used to have great respect for the state.


    I have written letters, tweets, emails, calls and sent an email to my local GOP that I withdraw and want nothing to do with them or the corrupt Colorado GOP.

    Contacted Reince Priebus, Steve House, head of Colo GOP, and the 4 Colo Senators, Kevin Grantham, Kent Lambert, Laura Woods & Jerry Sonneberg, who voted down the “Ballot Initiative” so they could become Cruz delegates to the Cleveland Convention.

    I have seen statements to the effect that all the rules were in place over a year ago….as I understand locally the change/fix was put in approximately last August, seems to me that is 7 months before primary.

    The Colo Sec of State, Wayne Williams did the counting in a shirt reading “OFFICIAL CRUZ STATE”, the Cruz logo and then “TED CRUZ”.

    I attended my local caucus where the Presidential nominee was not even discussed, just local stuff. They said a straw pole “MIGHT OBLIGATE” the delegates to vote for our choice. I then went to County as a delegate did not apply for state as it was obvious it was a rigged setup.

    The caucus system lends itself to corruption. The only fair way to select the nominee is with a paper ballot where each person chooses whom they deem most qualified, and if the delegate system stays in place the delegate MUST vote the will of the people.

    I think the Colorado Delegation should NOT BE SEATED at the convention and their votes eliminated. I am totally embarrassed for the state that these corrupt people even live here and will do my best to see they are all put out of office ASAP.

    • whocares

      I will help in doing everything I can to make sure these people who are fighting the will of the people lose their jobs. I will post this on face book and spread awareness. I hardly have to since people are very angry over this issue. Thank you for acting in our behaves.

  • Roger Skelton

    yeah, It’s what would be expected from an fraudulent system that a bunch of fraudulent people came up with… just claim it’s a clerical era and it wasn’t anyone’s fault… way to go Colorado! It’s what’s to be expected from an fraudulent (crooked) system that a bunch of fraudulent (crooked) people came up with… just claim it’s a clerical era and it wasn’t anyone’s fault, since everyone (in the country) knows we’re fraudulent (crooked)… “WE meaning YOU got caught”, way to go Colorado… way to go! and by the way I’m using the word fraudulent as a code word for crooked, that’s if you’re from Colorado and can’t figure that one out, also if you’re from Colorado you would be looking for the 2nd meaning for the word crooked below… not the one where your teeth turned yellow from smoking too much pot… PS… excuding all those (people) from Colorado who are royally pissed off at their state’s fraudulent (crooked) GOP election system and the crooks running it… I’m from Florida, I feel your pain, “now fix it”.

    1. bent or twisted out of shape or out of place.
    “his teeth were yellow and crooked”
    synonyms: bent, twisted, misshapen, deformed, malformed, contorted, out of shape, wry, warped, bowed, distorted “a crooked spine”

    2. informal
    dishonest or illegal.
    “a crooked business deal”
    synonyms: dishonest, unscrupulous, unprincipled, untrustworthy, corrupt, corruptible, venal; criminal, illegal, unlawful, nefarious, fraudulent;
    informal shady, dodgy, hinky
    “a crooked GOP election system used in Colorado”

  • Rose Marie Sandlin



    After thinking on this since last night I believe the only honorable solution is:
    1. Disqualify all previously selected delegates.
    2. Identify a new pool of delegates and enforce they vote the WILL OF THE PEOPLE Cleveland
    3. Set up website where the People can go on and vote their choice.

    Failing this, Colorado should NOT BE SEATED at the Cleveland Convention.

  • Dennis

    Was thinking Colorado would be a fine place to retire. Not unless they fix this very corrupt practice for sure.