Cruz Quickly Backstabs Kasich Over Treaty

What is that they say about making a deal with the Devil? But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. 2 Timothy 3:13.  The unholy Cruz, Kasich alliance is already breaking down. Bill Still reports;

The Ted Cruz – John Kasich alliance announced with great fanfare on Sunday quickly broke down when a Cruz insider leaked a confidential memo telling Cruzbots to ignore the warning not to vote for Cruz in the Oregon primary to be held on May 17 and the New Mexico primary held on the last day of the primary season, June 7th.

Cruz & Kasich announced that Kasich would stop spending money in Indiana if Cruz would stop spending money in Oregon and New Mexico in a hopeless attempt to stop the Donald. 

But, in a letter addressed specifically to freshman Congressman Mike Nearman of Oregon, Cruz justified his double-cross of Kasich thusly:


On Monday, Donald Trump blasted the collusion between Ted Cruz and John Kasich. The Washington Times reports;

“If you collude in business or if you collude in the stock market, they put you in jail. But in politics — because it is a rigged system, because it is a corrupt enterprise — in politics you are allowed to collude. So they colluded,” Mr. Trump said at a rally in Rhode Island, which votes Tuesday along with Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

“Actually, I was happy because it showed how weak they are. It showed how pathetic they are,” he said.

Mr. Trump’s fans echoed that sentiment.

“Trump wins. He is a winner,” said Gabriel Keller, who is running for delegate in Pennsylvania. “They are losers and they are struggling, and they have to join forces to be losers together.”

Still, the deal sent a clear signal to the candidates’ political action committees to stop the negative ads against each other in Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico, which could help them solidify support among anti-Trump voters.

Indeed, the pro-Cruz Trusted Leadership PAC announced that it would keep running attack ads against Mr. Kasich in Indiana but pull the ads in the other two states in the deal.

Kellyanne Conway, spokeswoman for the political action committee, said TV ads hammering Mr. Kasich for expanding Medicare under Obamacare in Ohio would stay on the air in Indiana “as we attempt to win every possible vote for Senator Cruz.”

The plan was hatched by Mr. Cruz, who is Mr. Trump’s chief rival and needs to win in Indiana to have a shot at stopping the billionaire businessman from securing the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination before Cleveland.

Neither Mr. Cruz nor Mr. Kasich have a path to win the nomination outright. A contested convention has become the only rationale for their campaigns.”

It appears Mr. Trump is right again. The alliance seems to be backfiring right in Ted Cruz’s and John Kasich’s faces. According to a new poll by MSNBC, 97 percent of voters do not agree with the collusion.

AND, frontrunner Donald Trump continues to grow stronger.

It is also being reported that Ted Cruz is taking quite a beating on facebook. reports;

“From the backlash he’s receiving on Facebook, it appears that many of Ted’s supporters are not pleased with his latest scam.

“I supported you because I believed you were an outsider, boy was I wrong!” scorched one Facebook user. “John Kasich is a progressive loser. Why are you working with him???” bellowed another.

In light of Ted’s latest anti-American stunt, many Facebook users have vowed to back Trump instead. “Ted, you just lost my vote. I guess I’ll support Trump. At least he’s not playing games” commented a one-time Cruz supporter.”

It appears that reckless Ted Cruz will go to unbelievable lengths to “win” the nomination, even if that means attacking the American people.”