Time To Drop Out, Senator Ted Cruz !

“The only condition in which I would leave the race is if there were no clear path to victory.”

It is past time for you to live up to your word, Mr. Cruz, and get out of the Presidential race. Mathematically, you have been eliminated, and your hopes for a brokered convention, are detrimental to the Republican party, and to America.

We The People, have spoken, and it is time that you put your stubborn pride aside, and concentrate on being a patriot.  We, have a great desire to see America prosper again, and, clearly, Donald J. Trump is determined to Make America Great Again.

By staying in this race, in an attempt to overturn the will of We The People, on a second or third ballot at a brokered convention, you are undermining the popular vote, and it will not work.

You have constantly lied and misled the public, with your anti-Trump speeches and ads. Truth always prevails, and it will prevail in this election.  The American people are wide awake and we do not believe any of the lies that you insist on spouting.

The ‘steal’ will not work.  Teaming up with John Kasich, clearly, failed.  You have lost all credibility with your constituents, and will most likely be voted out of the Senate.

You preach conservatism and constitutionalism, yet,you have violated the constitution, by even presenting yourself as a Presidential candidate, as constitutionally, you are ineligible to be on the ballot.  You are not a natural-born citizen.  We The People know this, and furthermore, you know this.  Had you been honest with the voters in Texas, when you were running for Senate, and owned up to the fact that you still held dual citizenship with Canada at that time, I am quite certain that you would not be a Senator, today.  You owe your constituents an apology for deceiving them.

You are rapidly becoming one of the most hated men in America.  If this was your goal, you have attained it.

Your wife, Heidi Cruz, has ties to the North American Unionand We The People have no desire to have a union with any other Country.  The United States is a sovereign nation, and we do not intend to surrender our Sovereignty to a union between Canada and Mexico, nor will we submit to the elite’s desire for a New World Order.

You have stated that you want the illegal aliens, in the United States to “Come out of the shadows.”  What you fail to grasp, is that We The People, the legal citizens of the United States, do not want any illegal aliens to come out of the shadows.. we want them out of our country.  Donald J. Trump will build a wall, and he will enforce the existing laws, that require anyone entering this country to do it legally.

You often brag that you have ‘led the fight’ against the Washington Cartel, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many times you fight.. if you never win.  You have argued in front of the Supreme Court nine (9) times, and, yet,  you have only had two (2) clear victories.

You have lied to all of America, “And if Donald Trump becomes president, the Second Amendment will be written out of the Constitution, because it is abundantly clear that Donald Trump is not a conservative,”  while knowing that there is not any candidate who stands up for the 2nd amendment as strongly as Mr. Trump.

You have accused Mr. Trump of intending to continue funding Planned Parenthood, when he has stated on more than one occasion that he will defund this organization, because of the abortions.  Mr. Trump has publicly stated, indeed, he has written that he is pro-life.

Contrary to what your father has touted, you are not anointed to be King.  And, contrary to the speech that you gave last night, you have no path to victory, as President of our great country.

Please do yourself, your constituents and We The People a favor and get out-of-the-way of us Making America Great Again.

American Patriot,

Rhonda W. Kazmierski

  • Thomas Mack

    In regards to this bizarre connection Ted Cruz has to way- out- of -mainstream Christianity (extreme prosperity teaching), here’s another link pointing it out: [https://thewayofimprovement.com/2016/02/06/who-is-larry-huch-and-what-does-he-have-to-do-with-ted-cruz/]

    And, btw, yippee, my state of Pennsylvania went for our next president, Donald Trump! (And, yes, my wife and I voted. –me careful to pick correct delegates.).

    • I got a Cruz e-mail this morning.

      Hello fellow patriots – our CCC PAC team is heading to Indiana where we have a good shot at returning Ted Cruz to a path to victory.