Trump Set To Smash Record For Most Popular GOP Candidate In Modern History

That’s right forget the naysayers feeding you a load of bull. The fact of the matter is they can claim all they like that Donald Trump is not liked, but he’s about to smash the GOP record for the most popular candidate in modern history. Salon reports:

According to Politico: With his five blowout wins Tuesday night, Donald Trump has passed Mitt Romney’s popular vote total from four years ago and is on a trajectory that could land him more Republican votes than any presidential candidate in modern history – by a lot.

Trump surged to more than 10 million votes, according to totals that include Tuesday’s preliminary results across the Northeast. That’s already about 250,000 more than Romney earned in the entire 2012 primary season and 153,000 more than John McCain earned in 2008.

More significantly, Trump is positioned to easily pass the modern record-holder, George W. Bush, who collected 10.8 million votes in 2000.

That presents an uncomfortable reality for anti-Trump forces: they’re attempting to thwart the candidate who is likely to win more Republican primary votes than any GOP contender in at least the last 36 years, and maybe ever.


  • Linda MacLeod Goodman

    And he did it despite the media’s relentless and deceitful attacks. And he’s the first candidate in history to entirely fund his own campaign. And he’s held more rallies than any other candidate in history, each one attracting up to 30,000 supporters. If everyone knew the truth about this exceptional human being, no doubt he’d have the support of every voter in America.