Trump Only GOP Candidate That Responds To Letter for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

Only one candidate gave a voice to the families of American’s who lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens. Trump was the only candidate who answered Sen. Jeff Sessions questionnaire on illegal immigration and trade. The GOP frontrunner is also the only candidate who has responded to the victims of illegal alien crime. From Sean Hannity;

It has been over one month since advocates for the families of victims killed by illegal immigrants issued an open letter to the Republican presidential candidates. The letter seeks their support for a new program which would provide aid to the families suffering from the loss of their loved ones.

So far, only one candidate has responded.

Maria Espinoza, co-founder and director of the advocacy group, The Remembrance Project, tells that Donald Trump is the only candidate whose office has responded to their open letter and that the candidate will support a national program to assist families of victims of illegal aliens. Espinoza says, “Their response was immediate and they have stated they will support our efforts in assisting our families.”

According to Espinoza, Senator Ted Cruz’s office acknowledged receiving their letter and passed it on internally within the campaign, but The Remembrance Project has received no further response.

The group also sent the letter to the Kasich and Rubio campaigns.

The open letter – dated March 14, 2016 – asks the candidates to support a program that would provide assistance for funeral, medical and legal costs for the families. The group asks that the candidate’s future administration would, “assist state and local governments in coordinating with appropriate social and legal agencies to provide needed assistance.”

All of that assistance would come at no expense to taxpayers. Instead the program would be funded by a remittance fee on money transfers going outside the United States.

The Remembrance Project is seeking the following to be implemented in every state:

  • “Immediate release of program funds to cover burial expenses, hospital and doctors’ expenses, grief and family counseling, financial support due to lost wages, childcare assistance, and other related services.”
  • “Criminal and civil justice support, including victims’ rights education, court accompaniment, legal procedure and relevant case information etc.”
  • “Legal representation to obtain restitution from the killer, corporations and companies deemed legally liable for the illegal alien’s presence and/or employment.”

This news comes at the same time as The Washington Times is reporting that illegal alien criminals are being released back into the U.S., despite their being thousands of empty beds;

“Homeland Security is leaving thousands of detention beds empty even as it voluntarily releases thousands of murderers, kidnappers and other criminals, the chief of deportations admitted to Congress on Thursday as she faced families of those killed by freed illegal immigrant convicts.

“We strive for perfect, but we are human and we fall short sometimes,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Sarah R. Saldana told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Ms. Saldana said the agency now has 2,000 beds vacant out of the 34,000 it is supposed to have available on the average day.

Government statistics show that in 2015, ICE averaged 28,168 detainees — meaning some 5,800 beds left unused, even as the agency released dangerous convicts back into the community to await the outcomes of their immigration proceedings.

One of those people released last year was Jean Jacques, a Haitian who served time for attempted murder and whom ICE tried to deport, but whom Haiti refused to take back. ICE released him, and he would go on to stab a young woman, Casey Chadwick, in her Connecticut apartment.

“If ICE and Homeland Security had done their job, Casey would not have died,” her mother, Wendy Hartling, told lawmakers just minutes after Ms. Saldana testified.

Both Democrats and Republicans were inclined to agree, demanding answers about why officials let Haiti stymie Jacques’ deportation last year.

Ms. Saldana blamed the State Department, saying it’s that agency’s call on how much pressure to use on other governments. But lawmakers weren’t satisfied, pointing to the law that says it’s up to the immigration service to start the process by reporting other countries’ bad behavior.

Ms. Saldana insisted she’s made those reports, but couldn’t remember which countries she’d cited. Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz demanded she provide all of those letters within a week — and he warned her not to try to hide behind secrecy.

“Let’s know and understand which countries are not taking back the criminals that came here illegally,” he said.

In 2015 ICE released 19,723 criminals back into communities while they were awaiting their immigration trials.”

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    Solve the vast majority of our worst problems by getting rid of anti-America government workers, at all levels, and electing and appointing only strong pro-America people. Anything other is stupid and self-destructive.

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