Cruz’s Goal of a Contested Convention Deems His VP Pick Fruitless at This Time – Rules, Baby, Rules! – Videos


Ted Cruz made headlines this week by selecting Carly Fiorina to be his running mate and Vice Presidential choice AFTER being mathematically eliminated from the race. 

On Tuesday Donald Trump won five state primaries in the East (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania)  as well as he won all the counties in the all the states with primaries.

Just a week prior to that Donald Trump scored a major win the week before in New York (also winning every county) where he walked away with nearly every delegate.

On Wednesday, after this shellacking, Cruz announced that he had picked Carly Fiorina as his Vice Presidential running mate.

The ONLY WAY that Cruz can win the Presidential GOP nomination is for Donald Trump to fail at reaching the 1237 required delegates prior to the Convention.  Cruz’s hope of that is really silly being that Trump could lose 8 of the 10  remaining states (Indiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota) and yet still win the nomination with wins in New Jersey and California and good showings in the primaries that award delegates proportionally.

Here’s where the fruitlessness comes into play, if Donald Trump fails to secure the 1237 delegates and the Convention is Contested and goes to a second, third or fourth ballot, there is no guarantee that Fiorina would be accepted as his Vice Presidential candidate.She would need to be nominated, voted for and elected to the Vice President position,  This would be independent of their announcement Wednesday. 

The VP selection process was discussed about a month ago by Gretchen Carlson on Fox News:

Donald Trump called Ted Cruz’s announcement of Carly Fiorina as VP pick a waste of time, and he was right!

Since the announcement of the Cruz/Fiorina Ticket, there has been more discussion of the “fruitlessness” of this venture and how the process of VP “selection” differs between a Contested Convention and a Non-Contested Convention.


H/T Alternet   & The Gateway Pundit