Indiana Gov Mike Pence’s Pensive Endorsement for Cruz – More Praise for Trump than Cruz – Video


This video is of Mike Pence endorsing Ted Cruz today.  I do believe that the word “pensive” accurately describes this man’s endorsement.  It does not appear to come from the heart.  What does appear to come from his heart is his praise of Donald Trump!  Spread this far and wide folks, this endorsement is almost an anti-endorsement. It almost appeared to pain the man when he said he would be voting for Ted Cruz.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence was under tremendous pressure from the Moonbats, barking spiders, and ju-ju bone throwers within what’s left of the #NeverTrump movement.  Examples: HERE (Erick Erickson) – and also HERE (Little Ben)

In addition, Governor Pence was fielding calls from the professionally republican DC based consultant committees on behalf of those desperate voices who are professionally republican and addicted to financially driven graft and scheme.

While stuck between a Rove and a Hard Face, Governor Pence needed to choose between which faction would do less damage to his political career.  If Pence didn’t support the moonbat’s choice the ire of the hashtag community and screaming radio hosts would ensue.

  • Acecool

    full Trump endorsement, then an abrupt, “I will be voting for Ted Cruz”. What ever!

  • Tranqual

    He’s not caving to Cruzbots. He’s caving to GOPe/oligarchs. I am sure he’s been warned he goes along with the establishment or he’s dumped. Too bad.