USA.. Upside Down!

Isaiah 5:20 ~ Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

I never imagined that there would come a day in my life time, that I would see America reduced to what she is.  A nation governed by corrupt politicians, seeking to destroy her sovereignty, in order to pursue globalization and the implementation of Agenda 2030.

American citizens have been  hi-jacked by our own government.  We the people have been rendered helpless while we were sleeping.  Talk about a rude awakening!

We emerge from the fog of sleep and we begin to look around and take notice.. only to find that we have already been robbed financially, our country has been invaded by criminals, who are disguised as Syrian refugees, drugs are pouring in thru our southern border, and our children have been brainwashed into believing that everything should be free, and nobody should have to work.

The God that we used to worship openly, has been rejected, set aside, and Allah has been introduced.  Our neighbors are, now,  Muslims, who we are instructed to tolerate, because everyone has freedom of religion.  Unless, you are a Christian, in which case you will be persecuted.

The Obama administration ties the hands of our border patrol, not allowing them to do their jobs and protect this country. It is inconceivable that our local cities are relinquishing control of law enforcement to the United Nations, Strong City Network.  American citizens are being policed by a sharia-compliant body of Nations. This is a reality, and it does not bode well for American citizens, who, still, believe in God and the Constitution.

Unbelievable that we have an administration that turns their head when illegal immigrants, who are criminals, and paid agitators disrupt a peaceful rally, attempting to suppress the voice of an American citizen, indeed, the lone voice of a true Patriot, who has stood up for We The People, one who is rejecting the poison of a corrupted establishment.

We are living in a time when the desire of the global elite, for a New World Order, far exceeds, the desire to protect the sovereignty of America.  We The People have been sold out!

These criminals who cross into the United States, without proper documentation, should be prosecuted and deported.  Instead?  American tax payers are forced to pay for their upkeep, while they live in Sanctuary Cities that have been provided for them.

American citizens are being persecuted and demonized, because we want to maintain our sovereignty, and prosper as one Nation, under God.  Christianity is under siege.. Christians are being burned alive, drowned and beheaded, by enemies that our corrupt government have funded and armed.

The Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama, who some call a President, is releasing known terrorist, criminals, from prison, to wage jihad against America, while Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is threatening to prosecute United States citizens for anti-Islam rhetoric!

There is a man who has the knowledge, the will and the determination, to lead us in restoring America to her former glory.  A man who will protect Christianity, and our 2nd amendment rights, and will do it free, not for financial gain, but, because he is truly concerned and loves the country that has been kind to him.  A man with a true desire to make America greater than she has ever been, so that when he leaves this world, he will know, that he left his children and grandchildren safe and secure, in a prosperous country that God can bless.

But?  No!  The uninformed masses cry out.. We would rather pay a President to take our rights away, and tickle our ears,  while bankrupting America.  Let us have a leader who will surrender our sovereignty!  We want a woman!  Or a socialist!  Better yet, give us a Canadian leader!

We have been sleeping, while our soldiers, have been sent to defend the rights of citizens in other countries, while the long arm of our own corrupt leaders are whittling away at the rights of every citizen in America, on a daily basis.

Our military has been depleted, while we give billions to other countries, so that they can build up their military, and can obtain nuclear weapons, which will, then, be used against us.  The United States is the only country on earth that pays other countries to let us rebuild their cities and defend them.  We have a President who deliberately alienates our allies and befriends our enemies.

We have a government that has utterly destroyed the moral fabric of this country.  United States leaders think that they know more than God, himself, and these leaders have convinced liberal citizen’s to follow them like sheep.

Homosexuality is no longer regarded as sin, it is described as being a life choice.  The citizens of America are instructed to accept ‘gay’ marriages and are forced to provide cakes for their ceremonies, and issue marriage licences to them, or go to jail and risk being sued.  Never mind the fact that homosexuals are 18 times more likely to contract HIV, and other diseases, which doctors and nurses are then exposed to, thru the handling of their blood.

God creates the body of a man, but.. no! This man decides that he should be a woman,  has a ‘sex change’, and our government rewards them by identifying them as ‘transgender’ and forcing American heterosexuals, and children, to share restrooms with them.

Even the maternal instinct that women are born with has been repressed and is sadly lacking, there is no regard for the sanctity of human life.  Babies are tossed aside and left in dumpsters, like garbage.  Mothers are no longer seeking to protect their children, instead, they scream this is my body, and I can abort this baby if I want to.  And, our government obliges them by forcing tax payers to fund Planned Parenthood, who pulls the babies from the safety of their mother’s womb, dismembers them and sells their body parts, for financial gain.

American Veterans are lying in the street, homeless and dying while waiting for an approval of benefits that have been earned, with blood, sweat and tears, or are waiting for a Veterans hospital to  grant them an appointment, while at the same time criminals who are in our country illegally are receiving health care inside hospitals all over the United States, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

How did the United States of America get so upside down?  Greed.  Seeds of corruption were sown within our Government, and they have sprouted up.  Corruption has corroded the foundation that our forefathers established, and as a result this great nation is crumbling down.

To my fellow patriots, I say rise up!  Unite behind Donald J. Trump, and let’s deny the elite their goal of impoverishing our nation and stripping us of our sovereignty.

To all of the criminals that have invaded our country, illegally, you have been forewarned. Patriots are rising, and we are going to elect Donald J. Trump as our 45th President.  Under a Trump administration, when you come into the United States Of America, you won’t do it from the shadows, you will come thru the door, with proper documentation, or you won’t come.

Let it be known to the ‘establishment’, that your days are numbered.  Corruption is going to fall and America is going to prosper as a sovereign nation, just as forefathers intended.

Christians, be vigilant and pray, without ceasing.

  • Acecool

    Very much agree. If all that’s gone wrong in just the last 50 yrs still doesn’t convince the majority to put aside their differences and vote their God given conscience to clean up the corruption in our govt, I do believe the prophecies written in the book of Revelation will come that much sooner. The Frog in Boiling Water Effect fits this articles narrative perfectly and we’re now living in an age where the water is starting to boil!

    If Government corruption and NWO tyranny doesn’t grab your attention, the ever growing cataclysmic effects of magnifying earthquakes and weather anomalies from Global Warming, should. Wait for the end, you’re damned already! Wake up people, we may be running out of time.

  • Lauralee

    Excellent article!!!WE THE PEOPLE are doomed and headed to the slaughter by our corrupt government. Donald Trump is truly our last great hope to put the brakes on the New World Order and the insanity that the government allowed to run rampant in our Country. WE THE PEOPLE desperately need and want a strong leader and DONALD J. TRUMP is the choice of the people. VOTE TRUMP for PRESIDENT and help get our Country back on the road to GREATNESS!!!

  • pybop

    The only way to end the corruption is article five of the Constitution. Neither Cruz nor Trump can end the corruption. They cannot not make laws. The Convention of States is our last hope. The states have the power to over ride Congress and to make amendments like:
    1)term limits-so that politicians cannot build power-dynasties.
    2) Balanced budget-so that the govt cannot spend us into bankruptcy.