WSJ – NBC News Poll : Donald Trump Opens Up 15 Point Lead in Indiana


Donald Trump opened up a 15 point lead over rival Ted Cruz in Indiana according to a new Wall Street Journal- NBC News Marist poll. Trump is at 49% two days before the critical election.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

Donald Trump holds a 15-point lead in the Republican presidential primary in Indiana, and a majority of GOP voters disapprove of the effort by underdogs Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich to coordinate a strategy to block him, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist Poll finds.

Hillary Clinton holds a narrow, 4-point lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders among likely Democratic voters in Indiana, the poll found.

Ahead of the voting in Indiana on Tuesday, Mr. Trump is the first choice of 49% of likely GOP primary voters in the state, with 34% favoring Mr. Cruz and 13% for Mr. Kasich.

That gives Mr. Trump a substantial advantage in a state that Mr. Cruz says could be his last, best chance to stop the front-runner from clinching the GOP nomination before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.

Mr. Trump has been on a winning streak since his landslide victories in the New York primary two weeks ago and in last week’s five-state round of voting in the Northeast, which some dubbed the “Acela primary.”


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