List of Republicans Who Vow to Never Support Donald Trump


A number of prominent Republicans are vowing to never back Donald Trump even as he closes in on the GOP presidential nomination.

The “Never Trump” ranks include lawmakers, party operatives, pundits and GOP donors — and the movement even sparked a popular hashtag on social media.

They are convinced Trump as standard-bearer would lead the GOP to a devastating defeat in November, costing the party the Senate and potentially the House.

The real estate mogul, though, is marching ahead, and now has 994 of the 1,237 delegates needed to capture the nomination, according to the Associated Press.

And there are growing signs many in the GOP establishment are warming to Trump. He’s been endorsed by 11 lawmakers, with others regularly attending Capitol Hill meetings with his staff. Trump has also declared himself the “presumptive nominee.”

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus has criticized the Never Trump movement as well. “It is essential to victory in November that we all support our candidate,” Priebus said at the RNC’s spring meeting.

Trump’s opponents are focused on trying to deny him the delegates needed to secure the nomination in hopes of forcing a contested convention in July.

Here’s a list of Republicans who won’t back Trump as nominee.

Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.)

Gov. Charlie Baker (Mass.)

Glenn Beck, radio host

Michael Berry, radio host

Max Boot, former foreign policy adviser to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

Brent Bozell, conservative activist

Jay Caruso, RedState

Mona Charen, senior fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center

Eliot Cohen, former George W. Bush official

Former Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.)

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (Fla.)

Steve Deace, radio host

Rep. Bob Dold (Ill.)

Erick Erickson, writer

David French, writer at National Review

Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief,

Jonah Goldberg, writer

Rep. Richard Hanna (N.Y.)

Doug Heye, former RNC communications director

Ben Howe, RedState writer

Former Rep. Bob Inglis (S.C.)

Cheri Jacobus, GOP consultant and former Hill columnist

Robert Kagan, former Reagan official

Randy Kendrick, GOP mega-donor

Matt Kibbe, former FreedomWorks CEO

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.)

Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard editor

Mark Levin, radio host

Dana Loesch, radio, TV host and writer

Kevin Madden, former Mitt Romney aide

Tucker Martin, former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s (R-Va.) communications director

Former RNC Chairman Mel Martínez (Fla.)

Liz Mair, GOP strategist

David McIntosh, Club for Growth president

Ken Mehlman, former RNC chairman

Tim Miller, Our Principles PAC

Katie Packer, chairwoman of Our Principles PAC

Former Gov. George Pataki (N.Y.)

Former Rep. Ron Paul (Texas)

Katie Pavlich, Townhall editor and Hill columnist

Brittany Pounders, conservative writer

Rep. Reid Ribble (Wis.)

The Ricketts family, GOP mega-donors

Former Gov. Tom Ridge (Pa.)

Rep. Scott Rigell (Va.)

Mitt Romney, 2012 GOP presidential nominee

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post conservative blogger

Sarah Rumpf, former BreitBart contributor

Mark Salter, writer and former aide to John McCain

Rep. Mark Sanford (S.C.)

Sen. Ben Sasse (Neb.)

Elliott Schwartz, Our Principles PAC

Tara Setmayer, CNN analyst and former GOP staffer

Ben Stein, actor and political commentator

Stuart Stevens, former Romney strategist

Paul Singer, GOP mega-donor

Charlie Sykes, radio host

Brad Thor, writer

Connor Walsh, former digital director for former Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

Former Rep. J.C. Watts (Okla.)

Peter Wehner, New York Times contributor

Former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (N.J.)

George Will, writer

Rick Wilson, Republican strategist


First reported by Haley Britzky, Luke Barr and Andrew Dunn at The Hill 

  • Gwen Johnson

    Big deal, you all haven’t stopped Trump yet, so that’s fine. He will take this all the way. You are putting your eggs in one basket and each of you will fall breaking your eggs. A power higher than anyone of you will take care of Mr. Trump and you won’t be able to stop Him. Also those that hurt Trump are going to face His music.

    • Option 4 (Formerly Trudge1)

      ” A power higher than anyone of you will take care of Mr. Trump…”

      ~Could it be … Satan?~

  • Sherri Lombardi

    so what these are nobodies and they haven’t supported Trump from day one yet he is still in the lead.

    • Jugears McGhetto Jr

      that’s a great point these people don’t grasp… they’re going by traditional election cycles meaning where they screw everyone and end up with their picks in office every time.. They don’t factor in the black Americans who are voting for him and all it takes is 20 % of the Black Americans to vote Trump for a landslide..

      Hillary on the other hand has to win 90% of the black vote to win.. that’s a fact, and its a fact from liberal Black Obama buddy Van Jones … tonight on the Oreilly factor he played the CNN Clip of Jones saying this just the other day.

      that’s not even getting to the millions of new voters who’ve only registered to vote for Trump… they have no clue how many people that’s gonna be.. because the numbers in the primary are huge, the general election numbers will be larger… Because never is a primary vote near as much as the general… He blew out the numbers all primary season..

      AND he sure shot down all that contested convention crap, didn’t he?? In one night. Trump’s a different animal and he’s gonna beat the snot outta that wanker.

  • Bytor ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Duly noted … I am saving this list for the repercussions that will now ensue.

    These unAmerican’s should all now be treated as unAmerican’s …. thy shall be done!

    • Jugears McGhetto Jr

      Precisely.. I’m making a meme out of it and blasting it around facebook and twitter just for that reason.. don’t forget these jags and its payback time for each and every one of them.

  • Chaunte

    None of them are worth a crap anyway. Goodbye Mittens.

  • CorinneVit

    No! because they are all insiders or payed by insiders. Go live in Mexico!! Trump has the People of the USA not the Political DUMMIES!! Vote #TRUMP

  • Carol Ford

    List saved.. Bye-bye

  • Mary Sekera

    Who cares what THEY want! We The People have spoken! And, WE WANT Trump!!
    Is this America or some communist country?

  • Nacho Bidnith

    Their six-figure salaries, evening cocktail circuit tours, high-class parties rubbing elbows with high-level officials, and their television appearances and self-glorification in media are all in jeopardy if Donald Trump wins.

    The mega buck donors and their political payola for favorable legislation all come to an end with a Donald Trump win.

    All they can see is that they and so many other “conservatives” are losing many of their constituents and much of their influence with a Donald Trump win.

    While we Americans are justifiably frightened and angry over how we’re going to survive as a sovereign nation, this is what those jerks that have been destroying this country for decades are most concerned about.

    I’m glad that it’s their turn to know what it’s like to be fearful and unsure about their future, just like we’ve been doing for so long.

    Trump 2016!

    • lvdancer

      Bravo Nacho!

  • Bobloblaw67

    Take names

  • David Kane

    Any Republican who cannot get behind Trump is, BY DEFINITION, helping to elect Bruno Clinton.
    There can be ZERO Nobility connected to the anti-Trump movement by Republicans.
    (I donate REAL MONEY to Ted Cruz)

  • Asok Asus II

    Interesting list. Mostly nobodies, has-beens and soon-to-be has-beens. Trump has unmasked them,and though they appeared to be RINOs, they were actually Democrats all along!

  • Len Mullen

    Three Mega Donors won’t support a guy mega donations won’t buy. Go figure.

  • Ed Timperlake

    “Never Trump”-the very serious great and good made their very public stand–

    -First vote for Hillary

    now go 3rd Party

    Do all the below agree with Professor Elliot Cohen??

    Ken Adelman

    David Adesnik

    Michael Auslin

    Mike Baker

    Christopher Barton

    Kevin W. Billings

    Robert D. Blackwill

    Daniel A. Blumenthal

    Max Boot

    Ellen Bork

    Anna Borshchevskaya

    Joseph A. Bosco

    Michael Chertoff

    Patrick Chovanec

    James Clad

    Eliot A. Cohen

    Gus Coldebella

    Carrie Cordero

    Michael Coulter

    Chester A. Crocker

    Patrick M. Cronin

    Seth Cropsey

    Tom Donnelly

    Daniel Drezner

    Colin Dueck

    Eric Edelman

    Joseph Esposito

    Charles Fairbanks

    Richard A. Falkenrath

    Peter D. Feaver

    Niall Ferguson

    Richard Fontaine

    Aaron Friedberg

    Dan Gabriel

    Greg Garcia

    Jana Chapman Gates

    Jeffrey Gedmin

    Reuel Marc Gerecht

    James K. Glassman

    David Gordon

    Christopher J. Griffin

    Mary R. Habeck

    Paul Haenle

    Melinda Haring

    Robert Hastings

    Rebeccah Heinrichs

    Francis Q. Hoang

    Rachel Hoff

    Jeffrey W. Hornung

    William C. Inboden

    Jamil N. Jaffer

    Ash Jain

    Marc C. Johnson

    Myriah Jordan

    Robert G. Joseph

    Tim Kane

    Kate Kidder

    Robert Kagan

    Rep. Jim Kolbe

    David Kramer

    Stephen Krasne

    Matthew Kroenig

    Frank Lavin

    Philip I. Levy

    Philip Lohaus

    Mary Beth Long

    Peter Mansoor

    John Maurer

    Matthew McCabe

    Bryan McGrath

    Richard G. Miles

    Paul D. Miller

    Charles Morrison

    Michael B. Mukasey

    Scott W. Muller

    Lester Munson

    Andrew S. Natsios

    Michael Noonan

    John Noonan

    Roger F. Noriega

    Stephen E. Ockenden

    John Osborn

    Robert T. Osterhaler

    Mackubin T. Owens

    Daniel Pipes

    Everett Pyatt

    Martha T. Rainville

    Stephen Rodriguez

    Marc A. Ross

    Nicholas Rostow

    Michael Rubin

    Daniel F. Runde

    Benjamin Runkle

    Richard L. Russell

    Andrew Sagor

    Kori Schake

    Randy Scheunemann

    Gary J. Schmitt

    Gabriel Schoenfeld

    Russell Seitz

    Kalev I. Sepp

    Vance Serchuk

    David R. Shedd

    Gary Shiffman

    Kristen Silverberg

    Michael Singh

    Ray Takeyh

    Jeremy Teigen

    William H. Tobey

    Frances F. Townsend

    Jan Van Tol

    Daniel Vajdich

    Ruth Wedgwood

    Albert Wolf

    Julie Wood

    Dov S. Zakheim

    Roger Zakheim

    Sam Zega

    Philip Zelikow

    Robert B. Zoellick

    Laurence Zuriff

  • Aeffesstoo

    Hard to believe these so called “conservatives” would prefer Hillary over anyone else.

  • Thomas Mack

    At least my congressman, Bill Schuster was a Trump delegate.

  • frank

    Every one of them has yet to learn that no one cares what they write, or say on the radio. If you don’t want to participate, then get the hell out of our way. We have to get our country off life support.

  • Just a quick correction in your first sentence, it Should read, “A list of prominent republicans IN NAME ONLY are vowing…” Hope this helps! Trump 2016! Even our priest agrees!:

  • Orwellian Dystopia

    I thought the list would be longer. This really isn’t too bad.

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    Above is a list that will eventually be on the unemployment lines, that’s why they’re all bent out of shape..

    to people who say never Trump… I say to you; “What are you defending? Conservatism? What exactly has this historical majority delivered to Conservative America? NOTHING.. NADA… They’ve done nothing but di** Americans alongside their liberal playmates…

    There ARE NO CONSERVATIVES IN WASHINGTON.. WAKE UP.. They’re all liberal nuts and they laugh at us, but they’re not laughing at US anymore, they’re laughing AT YOU PEOPLE… What a joke.. protecting an institution that’s done NOTHING FOR AMERICANS SINCE REAGAN LEFT OFFICE.


  • Dawn Elle

    a (not so) BIG list of NOBODIES roflol – who cares! THEY and their ilk are the reason republicans have not won an election in decades! They are just too hard headed and narrow minded to see it. They will fade away tout(e) suite

  • Option 4 (Formerly Trudge1)

    I got my own list of political apparatchiks that are supporting Donald.
    A list I will cross off during the election.

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  • Kalyy33

    The way I see it, you have 2 choices. One of these 2 people will win the presidency. A known crook and who has proven she will not do a thing for the American people, or someone who says they will work for the American people-albeit very loud and sometimes tacky. I take my chances with the new guy.