A Rally Cry and a Little Reminder For Trump Supporters


Let’s a little WHOOOO HOOOO and a few Booyahs!  We have had some really great news over the last couple of days!

Donald Trump is steady climbing in the Indiana polls.  Yesterday he was showing up to a 15pt lead. Today he is showing up to a 17pt lead!  Yes!! We gotta love the look of those double digits!

Today a new California poll came out showing Trump at 54%!  That’s YUUUUUGE!  Especially because Cruz was just showing at 20% and Kasich at 14%.

Also, to put the icing on the cake, a new poll came out today from Rasmussen showing a total “Narrative Fail” on the part of the Establishment, showing Trump beating Hillary!

Yesterday we reported on the Cruz campaign crumbling!  Cruz’s polls are dropping, his Indiana rallies have been a sad state of affairs compared to Trump’s thousands of supporters showing up.  Cruz’s favorability, according to Gallup has totally tanked! Trump now beats him by 16 points in favorability.  His aides are getting nervous and his delegates won by backroom deals and dirty tricks are starting to peel away and consider supporting Trump!  All of the polls I listed above are just going to increase the peel away from the delegates!

So there is our rally cry and our Booyah!!

Now, for the little reminder. As we watch Cruz’s campaign implode, we want his supporters to come over and support Trump.  I, just like many of you, have experienced the wrath and venom from many Cruz supporters.  Undoubtedly, many of them have been assaulting and verbally abusive.  But you know what? We are not thin skinned, whiney liberals though!  We have NOT BEEN TRIGGERED!  We can take it!

I am giving this little reminder because the time is coming soon when Cruz supporters are going to be changing their logos and start hopping on the Trump Train.  They may still be a little cranky, may still be resentful and resistant.  My dear Trump supporters, be nice and be patient!