Ted Cruz Officially Suspends His Presidential Campaign After Crushing Defeat in Indiana by Trump



One Last Preach—–
Ted Cruz is dropping out after his big loss tonight in Indiana.

And now…… Like Diamond & Silk said so well, let’s get this party started and unified! Time to take on Hillary!!

  • Denise Marie Larson

    Well he probably will at least until he is up for re election in the Senate as he will be voted OUT He is not a US citizen and should not even be in the Senate. The Part of America that has awoken will Not Forget !

  • Iamacitizen2

    It’s amazing that throughout Cruz’s campaign he tried to portray that he was an honest, caring man and Christian. Why is it then that he felt compelled to seal ALL of his personal records regarding his birth etc???

    A recent family timeline with certified copy’s of various documents was released and my oh my what a history it was.

    1. It showed that Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz was born in Canada 1970 with a copy of a Canadian Certified Birth Certificate. Nice.
    2. A copy of the renouncing of his Canadian citizenship May 2014.

    3. It showed copies of his fathers 1st marriage and divorce in from Texas (1959 – 1996) and

    his 2nd marriage to (Ted’s mother) from Texas (1969 – 1997). Check out those dates WOW looks like
    bigamy to me and this could also mean that Ted was born out of wedlock YIKES.

    There’s so much more its just awful. Here you have a Texas Senator who had a Canadian Certified Birth Certificate and is now a sitting Senator in D.C. AND he is NOW a “man without a COUNTRY” because he was born in Canada and rescinded his citizenship there. Canada does NOT allow for dual citizenship and both his parents became 100% Canadian citizens prior to Ted’s birth. Okay now what is Texas and the D.C. Senate going to do let this guy finish his ILLEGAL term in D.C. or run him out of town???
    The downside to all of the above is that people actually think Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz was and is a stand up American and dang this couldn’t be farther from the TRUTH. Shame on you Rafael Edward (ted?) Cruz.