Donald Trump Is Seeking A Hand To Fund General Election Defeat Hillary Clinton

An analysis by The Washington Times shows that Donald Trump is on track to win the nomination on the first ballot.

As you can see Hillary Clinton is well funded even though she has already spent $189 Million. Donald Trump may be a billionaire, but Hillary Clinton has numerous billionaire’s backing her with more money to come.


Thus Mr. Trump is now seeking a hand to help fund the general election campaign.

From The New York Times:

Roger Stone, a close confidante and sometimes-adviser to Mr. Trump, defended the move.

“Donald Trump knows Wall Street will pay both sides,” he said in an email. “Why shouldn’t he take their money to beat Hillary? They are going to find out you can’t co-opt Donald Trump. He’s his own man with his own nationalist views. He can’t be bought. Sure, he’ll take their money, but he won’t change his views on immigration, trade or NATO or his commitment to make hedge fund managers pay their fair share of taxes.”

Yesterday Donald Trump announced he hired a National Finance Chairman to aid in fundraising for the general election.

“(New York, NY) May 5, 2016 – Today Donald J. Trump announced Steven Mnuchin will serve as National Finance Chairman. Mr. Trump is the presumptive Republican Nomination for President of the United States and is taking steps to gear up for a General Election against Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump has self-funded his successful primary battle and will likewise be putting up substantial money toward the general election.

Mr. Trump stated, “Steven is a professional at the highest level with an extensive and very successful financial background. He brings unprecedented experience and expertise to a fundraising operation that will benefit the Republican Party and ultimately defeat Hillary Clinton.”

National Finance Chairman Steven Mnuchin is Chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management LP, a private investment firm. He is also Chairman of Dune Entertainment Partners LLC. From 2009-2015, he was Founder, Chairman, and CEO of OneWest Bank Group LLC, a bank holding company he owned with a consortium of private investors. The bank merger was the first transaction over 50 billion dollars post the financial crisis. He also previously held a position as a partner at Goldman Sachs and has a B.A. from Yale University. Steven has previously worked with Mr. Trump in a business capacity and brings his expertise in finance to what will be an extremely successful fundraising operation for the Republican Party.

Steven Mnuchin stated, “It’s a great privilege to be working with Mr. Trump to create a world class finance organization to support the campaign in the General Election.”

Mr. Trump is gearing up to defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election. The most recent Rasmussen poll indicated Mr. Trump has an edge over the former Secretary of State.”

It’s time for the Republican party to step up and support their nominee to defeat the Democratic nominee, whether it’s Hillary or anyone else. It has always been a joint endeavor between the RNC, the nominee and the people when it comes to the general election.”

As Hot Air points out Donald Trump’s decision to seek donations won’t only help him, it also helps the Republican party:

“On one hand, this will be good news for the GOP. One of the functions a nominee fulfills is to raise money not just for his own campaign, but also for the party itself. Most high-ticket fundraisers emphasize the latter, not the former, as campaign-finance regulations place a much lower limit on donations to the campaign. When reading news reports of $35,000-a-plate dinners on behalf of nominees, remember that almost all of that goes to the RNC or DNC as “hard money,” which can be spent by the party in support of the organization backing its presidential nominee and/or down-ballot races.”