Paul Ryan Lies – Won’t Endorse Donald Trump

GOP establishment lackey Paul Ryan, who is being challenged for his seat by Paul Nehlen, lied yesterday about Donald J. Trump. Ryan said previously he would support Donald Trump if he was the nominee.

However, yesterday Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan told Jake Tapper on CNN he was “not ready” to endorse Donald Trump.

Then Ryan said –

“I don’t want to underplay what he (Trump) accomplished. He needs to be congratulated for an enormous accomplishment for winning now a plurality of delegates and he’s on his way to winning a majority of delegates.”

As The Gateway Pundit notes this is a lie.

“Trump not only holds a plurality of delegates to date, he also holds a majority of delegates to date as well!

According to data at Trump currently leads all candidates with 1057 delegates. There have only been 2029 delegates distributed to date. Based on this, Trump has not only won a plurality (more delegates than his competitors) but he has also won a majority of delegates from state caucuses and primaries to date with more than 52% of the delegates.

The rest of the candidates combined have only won a combined 916 delegates to date. There also have been another 56 delegates to date that are either not committed or unallocated. By winning more delegates than any one of his competitors trump has won a plurality. By winning more than 50% of the delegates Trump has won a majority.”

So many great endorsements yesterday, except for Paul Ryan! We must put America first and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 6, 2016

Sen. Jeff Sessions, (R-AL), appeared on Lou Dobbs yesterday and explained why Paul Ryan’s decision to not yet support Trump is a big mistake. Dobb’s points out Ryan is breaking his word. Watch.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“I think this was a big mistake, I really do,” the Alabama Republican said on Fox News. “And I’m very surprised, frankly, since he’d indicated he’d support whoever the nominee was.”

“The speaker of the House is a big leader, an important figure in the Republican Party,” he added. “He calls on House members every day to stand with him and unity, and he needs to set a good example for Republicans.”

Ryan shocked political observers by saying he wasn’t ready to endorse Trump, and Trump followed by saying he is “not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda.

Donald Trump’s response.

donald trump ryan statement


  • Aldous Huxley

    It’s too bad Speaker Ryan doesn’t respect the will of the American people enough to support our candidate.

    • EmilyEnso

      Aldous take a look at this posted by Dr Who – you will see him on my list.

      • Doctor Who?

        Dear EmilyEnso: Here is another video you might find useful called “9 Things Germans do to Appease Muslims.” It comes from a new Youtube channel called ANTrapid.

        • EmilyEnso

          I wil definitely take a look.
          We just handed London to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • EmilyEnso

          One of my favourite writers from one of my favourite sites.

          • Doctor Who?

            Thank you for linking me to this very interesting article. It demonstrates how the US and NATO project their own sins on to Russia and China.
            Vladimir Putin has shown no interest in attacking the Baltic states unless NATO decides to use the Baltics as a springboard to attack Russia.
            Likewise, Putin has ignored endless provocations from Ukraine.
            The real aggressors are the neoconservatives of Washington and their NATO puppets in Brussels.
            NATO has transformed from a defensive alliance for Europe into a Global cat’s paw for Washington to intervene every where. NATO was never sold to the public as a force to intervene in the Middle East but that is what it has become.
            To fit NATO’s new role as a Global force to project America’s power world wide, the Chicago architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill has designed a massive new headquarters building for NATO that is being built in the suburbs of Brussels. It will be half the size of the Pentagon.
            A giant building to represent the giant role Washington has planned for NATO.
            As for the notion of “hybrid war” there is an interesting book that is very popular among the geopolitical strategists of the Pentagon and CIA.
            It is written by a Tufts University Professor named Kelly M. Greenhill and it is titled, “Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement,Coercion and Foreign Policy.” Greenhill is a former aide to John Kerry as well as a past adviser to the Pentagon and the Ford Foundation.
            Sultan Erdogan is too stupid to come up with the idea of using war refugees as weapons to destabilize countries, but Washington’s neoconservatives believe it is an excellent idea. They’re using Professor Greenhill’s work as a playbook to destabilize Europe using Muslims “refugees.”
            Here are two articles on Professor Greenhill’s work.
            I am also linking you to a Youtube video about Professor Greenhill and her theories about how to destabilize a country. It is a German video but the narration is in English.

          • EmilyEnso

            Great post.
            If you have the time keep half an eye on Zerohedge.
            I don’t follow ‘the money’ but its politics produces some good stuff.

          • Doctor Who?

            I drop in on Zero Hedge from time to time and also follow the Youtube channel “X22 Report” which covers both economics and geopolitics.

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