Paul Ryan’s Primary Opponent Paul Nehlen: I’ll Support Trump


Via Politico:

When House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he wasn’t ready to support Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, his Wisconsin primary opponent saw an opening.

Following the Trump campaign’s lash-out on Friday, Paul Nehlen seized that opening, suggesting he will do what Ryan won’t: support Trump.

“If Mr. Trump is the nominee, I will support that decision, because it will have been the will of the voters that got him there,” the Republican challenging Ryan for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District seat in the state’s August primary said in a statement.”

‘I’ll Do What Paul Ryan Won’t—Support the Choice of the Voters,’ #DumpRyan #TeamNehlen

— Paul Nehlen (@pnehlen) May 6, 2016

Mr. Nehlens statement went on to say:

“Paul Ryan is right at the head of a small group of party elites who continue to tell the American people they know better,” Nehlen said. “He’s demonstrated that he’s not the unifier he claims. If he were a unifier, he would look for ways to work with the candidate that the American people have chosen in state after state.”

Nehlen noted that Ryan’s stated reasons for not being ready to support Trump are also contradictory.

“Paul Ryan has leveraged his growing PR machine hard in recent weeks to position himself as the great unifier. In one instance he even used the word ‘communify’—which begs a whole discussion in itself. Having now dubiously positioned himself as the only guy capable of unifying the American people, how is it that he now stands back to wait for Mr. Trump to unify the Republican Party? Guess Ryan’s unifier mojo isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be.

“Ryan’s stance is also incredibly hypocritical,” said Nehlen. “How many times has the Republican establishment insisted that the rest of us put up, shut up, and soldier forward with hand-picked establishment candidates because GOP leaders knew best? Now with the American electorate speaking clearly, the GOP tells the American people that their choice stinks, and they should pound sand? How are the American people supposed to respect Paul Ryan’s establishment GOP when Paul Ryan’s establishment GOP has zero respect for the American people?”

Paul Nehlen is right on the money. Today Ryan tried to portray Mass Immigration as a GOP principle. In other news sure to break the #neverTrump hearts, Dick Cheney said today that he would support Donald Trump. CNN reports:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will support Donald Trump, he told CNN Friday, an important move as the presumptive Republican nominee is encountering intense resistance from senior members of his own party.

Cheney told CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel that he has always supported the GOP nominee and will do so this year as well.

It was also reported Thursday, that Senator Rand Paul and former Governor Rick Perry will support Donald Trump. Via ETF:

Rand Paul brushed off rumors and urges from the #neverTrump to run as a third party candidate, reiterating his stance on the GOP nominee and the pledge that he signed.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, asked on Thursday if he would endorse Donald Trump now that he’s the party’s presumptive nominee, answered that he has always said he would back the winner of the Republican primary.

“You know, I’ve always said I’ll endorse the nominee,” Paul said in an interview with interviewed by radio host Leland Conway. “I said that even when I ran [for Senate] in 2010.”  And Via CNN:

“I believe in the process, and the process has said Donald Trump will be our nominee and I’m going to support him and help him and do what I can,” Perry said.

“He is one of the most talented people who has ever run for the president I have ever seen,” he added, saying Trump knows how to market and brand like no one he has ever seen.

Perry, speaking on the same day House Speaker Paul Ryan told CNN that he was “just not ready” to back Trump, urged the party to unite behind the presumptive nominee.

“We need to come together and heal the wounds,” he said.


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  • Clayton Sibley

    I agree that it is time to rally around Trump, I also agree it is time to dump Ryan if he has a problem with the candidate that we the people have selected. I hear that his opponent is ready to support Trump, maybe he would be a better congressman also.

    • cindereller

      Happy to hear that all the way over here in the Seattle area! Just put in my vote for Trump in the first presidential primary I have ever voted in my 57 years of life in!!!!

      • Iamacitizen2

        I was raised up in South Seattle (Des Moines area) WAY TO GO there cindereller!!! Feels good to vote for our next President Trump and our Country right??? Smiling here…

        • cindereller

          Small world as I grew up on Marine View Drive in Normandy Park. Nice to meet and you’re sure right about that…I feel like there will be a collective sigh of relief from all of us when he is victorious; especially those of us who have dreaded what may happen otherwise!

          • Iamacitizen2

            yes small world for sure there cindereller LOLOL I use to walk Normandy Park many times wow amazing …

            Yes keep praying for Trump to stay the path, stay STRONG and just keep trumpin on LOLOL God’s blessings

    • Iamacitizen2

      I doubt it….he sits on the dang fence too long…he’s gotta gooooo…from Wisconsin here and I am madder than a red hen with Ryan…his EGO is bigger than he is and after ego comes PRIDE and that is a SIN!!! He better start fishing or cut bait….get his head out of the sand!!!

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  • John Yells

    Ryan’s trying to back peddle. He’s worried now, keep it up. We need to get rid of that clown.

    • Iamacitizen2

      I don’t live in Ryans district but I pray loud and clear that he loses his position August 9th…a lot of people here in Wisconsin are sooooo put out with Ryan.

      • Beverly Eysenring

        Hope and pray that all Wisconsin people vote Ryan out

  • slk

    Paul Ryan has to go. Remember he was Mitt Romney’s VP pick, so you know he’ll never really support Mr. Trump.


    dump Ryan and elect someone who will represent the people

  • Alexis Funfrock

    I don’t care what ryan might say about supporting Mr. Trump. The sob is a liar. He will probably either vote for Hillary, or whoever the r.n.c. puts up against Mr. Trump. I’m sending a donation to Mr. Nehlen, and I live in Georgia…

  • Billy S DuBose

    Go Nehlen!

  • Billy S DuBose

    Contribute to Nehlen campaign! Go Nehlen! Be a part of Ryan’s undoing!

  • frank

    lyin ryan WHO??????