Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Calls Trump Voters Lazy Drunks

Yesterday it was reported that former Mexican President Vincente Fox apologized to Donald Trump. I doubted the apology was sincere and it looks like I was right. Today Vincente said Trump voters are lazy drunks. He also repeatedly called Donald Trump “stupid”.

In my opinion, Vincente Fox has a lot of nerve to say anything. His people are costing us lazy drunk American taxpayers a fortune and simultaneously driving down our wages. In addition to being a nasty man Vincente Fox is a hypocrite. Yesterday he said:

“I don’t think he should follow the strategy of attacking others, offending others, to get to his purpose. There are other ways and means of doing it,” Fox said.

Today he offending Donald Trump and his supporters.

I guess we should consider the source. After all, these nasty comments are coming from a man who didn’t do a thing for the people in his country. During his reign drug cartels terrorized and murdered Mexicans just like they do today. Fox is a man who was the subject of a corruption probe and whose wife was involved in money laundering. Mexico is a failed state where beheadings carried out by drug cartels are becoming common place. When was the last time you ever heard a Mexican leader talking about the death’s of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens from Mexico?

The Washington Examiner reports:

Pelosi, Vicente Fox plot to defeat Trump, Mexican calls Trump voters lazy drunks

“Latin America’s toughest critic of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spent 30 minutes with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in Mexico this week plotting to help the Democrats defeat the businessman and give the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

In an exclusive interview with theWashington Examiner Friday, former Mexican President Vicente Fox also said that he is “becoming a fan of” Clinton, who he compared to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and he disparaged Trump supporters as lazy, uneducated, TV watching drunks.

He complained that that Mexico buys billions of dollars of items from the United States that create 10 million American jobs, but Trump supporters still “don’t respect us.”

He added, “We need to wake up that citizen. We need them to take them away from the TV and drinking beer, to working hard, to getting the skills, to getting knowledge, and they will come along, like everybody else.”

He repeatedly called Trump “stupid,” and a “false prophet,” and called on Americans to “wake up” and reject the Republican.”

  • DD

    Hypocritical, cowardly, failed president, of a failed state.

  • Acecool

    Fox obviously suffers illusory superiority, sociopathic, narcissistic, pretentious, insolent, immoral, contemptuous, arrogant, patronizing, desperate, far reaching and retaliatory vindictive. Pretty much the same mental cognition you’d find in a moronic fool.