Far Left Van Jones Admits that Trump Can Win and Gives Major Warning to Democrats – Video


CNN contributor and former Obama aide Van Jones put out a warning to his fellow Democrats on Friday: Donald Trump is probably going to win the White House.

In the Facebook video, Jones credited Trump’s ability to understand and use social media and reality television as well as his appeal to black voters as reasons he will likely win the White House in November.

Jones likened Trump to Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama in the sense that they all excelled in a new medium that no other politician could easily master.

“Just like FDR changed the rules of the game because he mastered radio, he was able to take radio and just completely master that — then you had JFK and JFK was able to master television — new medium, new master, new president,” Jones said.

“The same thing is happening with Trump,” he continued. “It’s a new media era, the era of social media, especially Twitter and reality television.”

He continued to detail how Trump has been able to use his celebrity to appeal to parts of the Democratic base, especially black voters.

“70 percent of African Americans have a horrible view of Donald Trump,” Jones continued. “In order for the Democrats to win the White House they don’t have to get 50 percent of the black vote or 60, or 70, or 80, or 90, Democrats in order to win historically need 90 to 92 percent of the black vote.”

“If only 70 percent don’t like Donald Trump, that means 30 percent are open to his argument, if he gets half of those, he’s president,” Jones said.

A Public Policy Polling report released on Monday showed Jones might be correct in his opinion that Trump is winning over large segments of the Democratic Party’s most loyal voting bloc. The poll showed that in the swing state of Ohio, Trump would garner 15 percent of the African American vote against Clinton, with another 11 percent undecided.

That is huge increase from the 4 percent of the black vote Mitt Romney received in Ohio during the last presidential election.

Watch Van Jones’ warning below:


  • C-Ann-C

    Well, well, well, even the ex-Obama-Czar-self-proclaimed communist understands and sees how Trump can win and be our next President! Wow! I’m a bit impressed, but I wouldn’t trust Van Jones with a lollipop either! Trump is pulling in some of the more modest democrats over to vote for him, and with the help of these two infamous Internet sensations, Diamond and Silk, created a place for them to do just that, called “Ditch and Switch”, for anyone who either voted democrat all these horrible years and now sees the “light” in voting Trump, or whom never voted before and wants to sign up as soon as possible to exercise their constitutional right to vote, they can go to Diamond and Silk’s website, and sign up. They can help direct you to the right place. Thanks, Van Jones, for your analysis of a Trump win, and he can do this, if every ethnic group would just open their eyes to see what the last 7 years have really done to them; not for the “freebies” they get, for as long as they are listed poor, they can get the freebies, but is that what you really want? Just the freebies that this administration “gives” you? And where do you think that money comes from? Thin air? The upper clouds? Take heed, people, realize, that in history, in other parts of the world, where “freebies” were a given because the people were poor and destitute, they were “controlled” by that government as long as they did the government’s bidding, they got the freebies, so they just didn’t work or even try looking. Then the government puts them to work, moves them to high rise buildings, stuffs other families with them in small apartments, and makes them go to work in plants, day in day out, but they get free housing, free food (which is rationed out periodically), and free stuff, but then it gets pulled because the government can’t afford any more free stuff (phones, ipads, ect.). Take heed, this has happened, and it can happen again. Trump will get you back to a job you want and be proud of working because he’ll limit the regulations of businesses who hire workers who want to work, and not hire out to foreigners either. You deserve a job, you’ll get a job. Get off the freebie stuff because it’s not going to last you a lifetime. Socialism only lasts long enough before the gov’t runs out of money to sustain it.

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