West Virginia and Nebraska Get Out and Vote on Tuesday! We STILL NEED 1237! – West Virginia Polls


Tuesday is Primary day for West Virginia and Nebraska!   People might be experiencing some confusion being that the GOP have said that Donald Trump is the “Presumptive” nominee.

What does “Presumptive” mean?

adjective: presumptive
  1. of the nature of a presumption; presumed in the absence of further information.
    “a presumptive diagnosis”
    synonyms: conjectural, speculative, tentative; More


Notice that the definition says “Presumed in the ‘absence of further information'”.  What information is missing?  The delegate count is missing!  They are still hoping that he will not reach the necessary 1237!

Does it matter that the other candidates have “suspended their campaigns”?  Nope!

I would put money on the fact that they are banking on America’s greatest sin of “complacency” to kick in.  For Americans to assume that he is the nominee and that the remainder of the elections don’t matter, that they don’t need to get out and vote.

We definitely do need to get out and vote!  If Trump does not collect the remaining delegates necessary to reach the 1237, the Convention will go to a second ballot where they could easily stick us with not only Cruz, but even possibly Romney or Paul Ryan!  We can’t let that happen!

Now, let’s take a look at those West Virginia Polls!

(Via PPP Polling)  PPP’s new West Virginia poll finds it’s likely to just keep Donald Trump’s recent streak of dominant victories right on going. Trump leads in the state with 61% to 22% for Ted Cruz and 14% for John Kasich. Trump, with a 67/24 favorability rating, is the only candidate GOP voters in the state even like. Both Kasich (32/50) and Cruz (32/53) come in with negative favorability ratings.

Adding Carly Fiorina to the ticket has done little to help Cruz. Only 12% of voters say picking her as his running mate makes them more likely to vote for Cruz, compared to 31% who say it makes them less likely to vote for Cruz and 54% who say they just don’t care one way or another. Fiorina’s 40/32 favorability rating with Republican primary voters does at least make her more popular than Cruz himself.

Trump is winning every subgroup of the Republican electorate, but a few things stand out. He’s getting 70% among the independents planning to vote in the GOP primary, to 20% for Cruz and just 9% for Kasich. Trump also has by far and away the most committed support- 87% of his voters say they will definitely cast their ballots for him next Tuesday, compared to only 67% of Cruz’s voters and 45% of Kasich’s voters who say the same about their candidates. The race is tighter among ‘very conservative’ voters, with Trump getting 51% to Cruz’s 38% but among both moderates and ‘somewhat conservative’ voters, Trump’s advantage is up over 50 points.  (read more)

Here’s the full poll data:

  • rosemaryhuckeba

    Only a fool would vote for Cruz or Kasich. They both said they were out. DO NOT waste your vote. A vote for Trump is a vote for AMerica! In God We Trust!