Lyin Ted Cruz May Jump Back Into Presidential Race

In February, Lyin Ted Cruz said he was against a contested convention.

“A contested convention is the great hope of the Republican establishment, it is how they are drowning away their sorrows. In a contested convention, he continued, mocking the establishment, ‘All these crazy voters go one way, we’ll step in with all of our money and anoint our white knight to ride in and save the day. That’s not going to happen”

“Asked directly whether he was preparing for a contested convention, Cruz replied flatly, “No.”

Ted Cruz clearly has no path to the nomination, but Lyin Ted is still laying in wait. The Cruz Crew is tweeting as if he is still a viable contender. Cruz is refusing to release his delegates. CNN reports:

“Ted Cruz is not releasing his delegates in at least three states, a sign he may hold onto some clout at this summer’s Republican National Convention.

Cruz sent a letter to Republican state parties in at least Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas on Monday informing them that he plans to keep the delegates he won bound to him.

Kansas delegates are particularly key: They are required to remain with whomever they are pledged to until the candidate officially releases them — unlike most states, they are not allowed to vote their conscience unless explicitly given permission, which Cruz isn’t giving them.

“Although I have suspended my campaign for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States, I do not release any Republican National Convention delegates bound to me as a result of the 2016 delegate selection process that took place in your state,” Cruz wrote in a letter to Kelly Arnold, the chair of the Kansas GOP and obtained by CNN.

Oklahoma’s Republican Party received a similar letter from the Cruz campaign, state GOP chair Pam Pollard told CNN. As did the Texas GOP, according to executive director Kyle Whatley.

Cruz also said he wasn’t yet ready to endorse Donald Trump, echoing comments made to CNN’s Jake Tapper last week by House Speaker Paul Ryan.”

Cnn is also reporting sore loser Lyin Ted Cruz will jump back into the race if he can.

“Former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said Tuesday he is not ruling out getting back into the race if a path to victory were to re-open.

“Well, I am not holding my breath. My assumption is that will not happen,” Cruz told conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, hours before voters in West Virginia and Nebraska head to the polls.

“But listen, let’s be very clear … we launched this campaign intending to win. The reason we suspended the race last week is with Indiana’s loss, I didn’t see a viable path to victory. If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly,” the Texas senator said.

Cruz didn’t elaborate on what he meant by “respond accordingly.”

  • Thomas Mack

    Some people never, never learn.

  • Jen


  • Zigger

    Why bother ?? Yeah lets elect the guy that took his ball and went home as he should have, then got back into the race. The optics of that are terrible.

  • C-Ann-C

    At it again, right, “Lyin’ Ted”? Why should we believe anything you say! Such a prude! Such a liar! Even Trey Gowdy knows what a LIAR Ted Cruz really is! So, the “Never Trumps” are the Cruz-bots, in the same class with Lindsey O. Graham(nesty), Jeb Bush, both who LIED when they took an oath the same that Reince Priebus forced Trump to sign, that they’d support and endorse whomever the Republican nominee was at the outcome of this race! They even RAISED their hands at the 1st Fox News GOP Debate, when Brett Bair asked them all (at that time, 18 of them) that question, of whom will support the Republican nominee if any of them were not the nominee — Jeb Bush was one of them, and liar Lindsey Graham also iterated that, and then BOTH of them say they won’t support Trump, and Lindsey even said he’ll NEVER vote for Trump, too!! So, Lindsey won’t vote, and backstabber Jeb Bush are totally out of this game but won’t even back Trump as the Republican nominee!! How absurd are they! How can anyone trust them now, now that they’ve proven they go back on their words?!!!

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      Ted, Jeb, Lindsay are not very honorable men. Just think how bad they would be as President.

  • Epiminondas

    Cruz is waiting for the Rapture.

  • Iamacitizen2

    I think Ted is having an adult temper tantrum …or a melt down LOLOL Yah tink he’s got “drain bamage”?