An Open Letter to Nevada Trump Supporters From a Nevada Trump Delegate – Please Spread!


This is an open letter from a Nevada delegate that I have been communicating with.  The delegates in Nevada have had a lot of trouble with the GOP leadership in Nevada.  They felt it was very important to communicate this message to other Trump supporters and delegates in Nevada!

Trump Team Nevada Supporters-

We have pondered sending this email as many of you may be aware of disputes taking place within our effort to elect Mr. Trump as our next President.

We continue to support Mr. Trump, as firmly as we believe in the strength, culture and exceptionalism of America.

Our upcoming State Convention there will be one slate that has been hand-picked with party operatives & establishment and little regard to those of you who want to partake in the National Convention in Cleveland.

We oppose this action, as we are not a 3rd World Nation where decisions are made for us by an omnipotent individual–rather we are a Republic where men and women are voted into positions of responsibility to represent the will of the people.

The other slate (Trump Team Nevada) is committed to the premise that the National Delegation represent all Nevadans: City, Rural, Veteran, Working/Middle Class and most importantly–you–the people of this state who deserve a seat at the table.

Simply put: Half of the National Delegation has already been selected, but the other half should be composed of everyday citizens who represent our virtues and values—and nominated at our state convention.

We urge every County Delegate in Nevada to attend the upcoming State Convention & vote for a slate that represents “us”–the ones who send their children to wars, pay taxes and sustain this nation with the sweat of our brow and the efforts of a lifetime.

If you feel the same, we ask that you reply to this email and specify if you are attending as a State Delegate or intend to be a National Delegate at Cleveland.

We will need a bio for the latter by Saturday. We will keep you posted as to our meetings & trainings.

Who are we? We are American’s who live in Nevada & support Mr. Trump for President. We invite you to join our efforts at the state convention on May 13-15th.

Trump Team Nevada is 1600+ delegates strong from 17 counties. Our goal has & continues to be, to send national delegates to Cleveland who are committed to cast EVERY**VOTE*EVERY*TIME*4*Trump.

We join hands in our commitment to stand strong & STOP the establishment & party operatives from stealing our votes at this convention.

Final notes: -If you wish to acquire a T-Shirt specifically for the “other” slate at the State Convention, these will identify you as such. One can purchase them by visiting this site:!product-page/c136p/6b6778b4-c626-c00d-972c-b138d85e3f07 …

These will be delivered to our delegates in Reno on Friday

Please email us at or

Follow us on Twitter @EveryVote4Trump And finally, a very moving YouTube I believe you will enjoy: …


Give these Nevada delegates a YUUUUUGE thank you for all the crap they are taking to get Trump elected.  (As well as ALL of our delegates across the nation!)

Very important to please share this open letter all over social media and with friends!

Thank you,

StumpinForTrump Administration