Judge Rules Obama Is Illegally Funding Obamacare

Most of us have not forgotten Nancy Pelosi saying we have to pass it to find out what’s in it and we did, the hard wayI might add. Just a reminder Obamacare was negotiated with health care insurer’s behind closed doors.

In addition to seeing their own healthcare premiums rise, taxpayer’s are reimbursing healthcare insurer’s ($175 Billion) for reducing co-payments for low income people. Via The New York Post;

“WASHINGTON — A federal judge ruled Thursday that the Obama administration is unconstitutionally spending federal money to fund the president’s health care law.

The ruling from US District Judge Rosemary Collyer is a win for House Republicans who brought the politically charged legal challenge in an effort to undermine the law.

At stake is $175 billion the government is paying over a decade to reimburse health insurers for reducing co-payments for lower-income people.

The House argued that Congress never specifically appropriated that money and has denied the administration’s request for it. It says the administration is spending the money anyway, exceeding its constitutional authority. The administration has said it is using other, previously approved money.

Collyer issued an order stopping further reimbursements, but said it would not take effect pending an appeal.”


  • Acecool

    Knew this as well. Health Insurance conglomerates held the Affordable Care Act hostage till it got it’s foot in the door. HUGE PREMIUMS on the Middle Class. TRUMP 2016