• Iamacitizen2

    I certainly hope Mr. Trump see’s Lou Dobb’s video and I sure hope more Wisconsinites do as well. WTG Lou Dobbs. Thank you for the best 4:00 minute video I have watched in a very long time. Wow Ryan your achievement’s (cough) of only THREE laws passed in EIGHTEEN YEARS is totally….well words seem to escape me at this point.

    I pray Mr. Paul Ryan that you can set your ego (pride) aside and either back the Republican Party’s voters choice or get out of the way and let the Trump Train coast right on by you. By the way I recently watched a video that someone of great insight said that you Paul Ryan were 100% behind Hitlery and that when the money starts pouring into the RNC coffers (that is currently NOT happening from the donors because of your antics) that you have a possible plan to divert ALL monies received by the RNC to Hitlery. Wow if this does happen, to me this would be theft in it’s grandest form from all of the RNC donor’s and this would also destroy you and the RNC that has existed since the 1860’s.

    By the way Ryan, after ego does come pride and if you are a Christian you would know that both of these learned and self serving traits are a sin. Good luck with that.

    • Miss Annie

      I tend to wonder if it doesn’t go a little deeper for Ryan. I saw an article yesterday about Romney’s top ten scandals and Ryan and Ryan’s brother was involved in one of them. These people have a lot to hide! This election has so reminded me of that children’s story “The Emperor’s new clothes”. People’s allegiances and agendas are leaving them bare A$$ed naked!

      • Iamacitizen2

        I agree with you Miss Annie 150%….somehow, someway…this Ryan tree needs to be shaken or trimmed back in so many ways and the first way I pray is coming 8/9/2016 the day Paul Nehlen endorsed recently by Sarah Palin accumulates so many votes to toss the garbage out (meaning Ryan and his ilks).

        So many fires going everywhere to take President Trump OUT. I have never seen anything like this election in all of my life…which has been a long one for sure. It is totally disgusting each day some new dirt is reported …actually distorted and all out lies against President Trump. One day I pray this whole D.C. dirty, filthy politicians will surface and it will in God’s time. It reminds me of a sewage treatment facility and the many phases that take place to clean the water of all of the sh_t that gets poured into it. At one point all the sh_t floats to the top of the water and D.C. and the faux untruthful news outlets will be floating on top of the water as well, only to be swept away as stinking and useless debris!!!