Katrina Pierson, Trump’s Spox – Confirms Trump Not Softening on Muslim Immigration Ban – Video


There has been a lot of flack going around the internet about Trump’s comments on his proposed temporary Muslim ban, saying that he is softening on the issue.  Katrina Pierson confirms that the only way that Trump would soften on this issue is if there were constructs put in place to ensure the vetting of the refugees or immigrants is done properly.

Listen below :

  • Acecool

    Couldn’t agree more. Katrina tells it like it is. No hoopla, no hype.

    • Miss Annie

      Hows that celery? 🙂

      • Acecool

        I’ve never appreciated Celery as much as I do now Miss Annie. Taste Buds, Olfactory back to showing signs of life. I LOVE THE CRUNCH!!! LOL 9 days….Thanks so much for the support and the concern. 🙂

        I had no idea I could look so handsome in the mirror. It’s like the guy looking back at me is ALIVE and Healthy again, like a ten yrs of age just disappeared. I know, only a few short days, but I’m not lyin’, nor delusional. God Is Good! 😉

        • Miss Annie

          Thats so encouraging! Thanks for sharing because I am really gearing myself up for quitting. People say “you have to want to do it”. Hell, I don’t know if I would honestly ever come to that point. I NEED to do it. Want, …. eh.. But….. what I am hearing from you is great encouraging because I do remember that from 2007! One of the dumbest things I ever did was pick them up again!
          Its amazing the mind games your own head plays on you when you are trying to quit. I remember my head telling me “Oh just one wont hurt”! Who the heck buys a pack of 20 and smokes just one? LOL. Serious messed up stuff!

          • Mela

            Saw your discussion about quitting–I just did a month ago. I didn’t intend to quit, but went to buy some cigs and the shop only sold vapes. So, i bought one. Tried it that day and never had another smoke and never even missed it! I really recommend it. It is all about the flavor of the “vape juice”. Try a berry flavor or other fruity flavor. I got the 6 mg nicotine (pretty low) and I have zero cravings. Next I will get the no-nicotine kind. There is NO craving or over eating or stress. So, if your celery plan doesn’t work give it a try. 35 years of smoking half a pack a day–done!

          • Miss Annie

            Congratulations Mela! I have a few other friends that vapes have worked for too! I have tried them a few times and for some reason I just couldn’t get into it. It felt kind of awkward, and one of the things (as horrible as this sounds) I enjoy about the smoking is the “burn”. Definitely didn’t get that with the vape. I am sure thats probably the point with the vape though.
            That’s so awesome though! All those chemicals from the cig that you are not getting! Way to go!

          • Acecool

            I have to agree with Mela, anything is better than cancer sticks, nail in your coffin, etc,.

            The reason you probably don’t get that “Burn” sensation (I know), is because you haven’t tried a powerful enough vape pipe that produces lots of vapor smoke. Find an official VAPE pipe dealer that deals vape products exclusively.(not some head shop) and let them know your needs. Don’t worry about price, just think how much you spend per pack, per weak, per month, per year. You’re paying good money to reduce your life span and possible risk of terminal illness. Emphysema cannot be reversed.

            Like Mela said, you can start out with i.e. 24mgs of Nicotine, then work your way down. If it’s the tobacco flavor you’ll miss, they have various tobacco flavors as well.

            It’s the Tar and added chems you’ll be eliminating. Look at your nasty ash tray, the many times you have to empty it, the taste in your mouth, cigarette breath, your clothes, your hair.

            DO IT GIRL! and don’t listen to the devil on your shoulder excuses, but the angel that cares. Prove that you’re in charge, not some corporate entity that cares less about your health. btw, Keep the celery too. 🙂

          • Miss Annie

            Thank you! I will definitely look into it then! I have always gone cold turkey, with just one of those nasty nic lozenges every now and then. This sounds like a much better way!! 🙂 Thanks guys!

          • Mela

            I know what you mean about “the burn” and I am not talking about Sanders. LOL. You have to have the right vape, and you have to change the way you inhale a little bit–but THAT is exactly what is substituted for me. The burn. Anyways, Good LUCK!

  • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

    I get sick of the media trying to make something into a flip flop when it’s not. Trump said all along he would ban them until such a time as we could figure out what’s going on. I don’t like WaPO but at least they got this right.

    No, Donald Trump has not softened his stance on banning Muslims

    The presumptive Republican nominee still wants to ban nearly all members of the world’s fastest-growing religion from entering the United States in an effort to prevent terrorist attacks.

    As Trump first said in December, such a ban would be temporary and last only until U.S. authorities “find out what’s going on.” He also said then that the ban will not apply to U.S. citizens, and that there would be exceptions for world leaders, athletes and others.


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  • Mela

    The media freaks out over every single word Trump says. He never changes what he means, but sometimes he will say something a little snarky or with some tone–like all real people do when they get annoyed by stupid questions. So Trump ads one half of a sentence to his typical statement about Muslims and the media is completely freaked out. It’s like they have to drum up the drama for their ratings fix. So sick of it. I turned of my TV and cut the cable and now I get my news from alt media and the web.

    • Miss Annie

      I agree. It is exhausting! I think sometimes the NeverTrump Republicans are worse at twisting his words than the dems!

    • Acecool

      The media will stoop at nothing, regardless of how minuscule, to exaggerate every little detail out of proportion. The part that worries me most, is how many fools there are in this world that let the media do their thinking for them. My own neighbors, people I thought were friends, which reminds me, I recently removed over 40 people I’ve known for years off my FB page. To involved with their bling bling.

  • TruthWFree

    I would like to see Muslims banned forever. Their evil hate filled religion preaches hate and violence (allah god of the Quran) against all unbelievers…99% of American. Islam is a curse on mankind. It has no place in America…or the world.