Nasty Ted Cruz Still Trying To Insert Himself Into Election

Donald Trump was right when he said Ted Cruz was a “nasty guy”. I’ll go a bit further Ted Cruz is a bitter arrogant loser. Politico reports he may still be trying to challenge Donald Trump at the GOP Convention in Texas.

“Ted Cruz isn’t giving up.

While Donald Trump dispatches three advisers to Texas’s convention in Dallas this week and makes a pitch for party unity, his team will be running up against a Cruz operation that is still maneuvering to stuff the state’s delegation with allies the senator could call on to snub the presumptive nominee.

“We have a busy weekend planned,” said a source familiar with the Cruz campaign’s plans.

Cruz is scheduled to deliver an address at the Texas convention after a week of hinting he could jump back into the presidential contest and urging activists to thwart the New Yorker’s takeover of the GOP’s policy platform. And despite dropping out of the race more than a week ago, the vanquished presidential contender has deployed at least one paid adviser to the Texas Republican convention – Tyler Norris, his state director. (Trump has three advisers: state director Joshua Jones, deputy director Eric Mahroum and Houston-area director Kayla Hensley.)

It’s not just Texas where Cruz is still playing.

The senator’s team remains active in several of the other eight state conventions selecting delegates this week – from Nebraska to Oklahoma to Nevada. Those conventions, along with party meetings in Arkansas, Florida and Wisconsin, will be selecting 389 national delegates, nearly a sixth of the entire convention.

Obviously if the voter’s wanted Ted Cruz to determine the party platform they would have voted for him in greater numbers.  They didn’t –  he won’t be the nominee, but he won’t let that stop him. Ted Cruz told CNN he won’t release his delegates because he wants to have some clout at the convention.

“Ted Cruz is not releasing his delegates in at least three states, a sign he may hold onto some clout at this summer’s Republican National Convention.

Cruz sent a letter to Republican state parties in at least Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas on Monday informing them that he plans to keep the delegates he won bound to him.

Kansas delegates are particularly key: They are required to remain with whomever they are pledged to until the candidate officially releases them — unlike most states, they are not allowed to vote their conscience unless explicitly given permission, which Cruz isn’t giving them.

“Although I have suspended my campaign for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States, I do not release any Republican National Convention delegates bound to me as a result of the 2016 delegate selection process that took place in your state,” Cruz wrote in a letter to Kelly Arnold, the chair of the Kansas GOP and obtained by CNN.

Oklahoma’s Republican Party received a similar letter from the Cruz campaign, state GOP chair Pam Pollard told CNN. As did the Texas GOP, according to executive director Kyle Whatley.”


“I encourage all delegates who supported my campaign — and who support a constitutional conservative agenda that will grow jobs, protect our freedoms, and ensure our security — to actively participate in shaping the Party platform and rules in a manner that will ensure our cause is advanced,” he wrote in the signed letter to Arnold.”

Politico also reports that Cruz is bracing for a platform fight with Donald Trump.

“The 25-minute call was a pep talk of sorts after the disappointment of last week’s Indiana primary, which forced Cruz to end his campaign and cemented Trump as the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

But the call was also a rallying cry to Cruz’s supporters about the importance of showing up in Cleveland and not ceding control of their slots on the party’s platform and rules committees.”

Bitter, nasty Ted claims he isn’t looking backwards. I beg to differ he pledged to back the nominee, but instead of honoring that pledge he is already placing blame. The Hill reports;

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Thursday that those who contributed to the rise of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will have to “bear that responsibility going forward.”

Cruz appeared Thursday evening on the Houston-based “Michael Berry Show” and was asked whether he thought he was treated fairly in the GOP primary, with the host mentioning Fox News specifically.

“Well listen, there’s time for recriminations and you know, everyone who was responsible for the rise of Donald Trump, they will bear that responsibility going forward,” Cruz responded.

“But there were more than a few players that played a disproportionate role in that rise,” he added. “I’m going to focus, instead of looking backwards, I’m going to focus on looking forwards.”

Cruz returned to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for the first time since dropping out of the GOP race but declined to endorse Trump, who is working to shore up support from establishment Republicans.”

The RNC pledge that each candidate promised to uphold reads, “I [name] affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for president of the United States I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is. I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party.”

RNC Loyalty Pledge
  • RoseD1st

    Cruz is such a slime-ball !

    • Acecool

      The main reason men should wear absorbent underwear or shower immediately after sex. 😉

  • Acecool

    Both Cruz and Kasich should “INSERT” themselves into the nearest psych ward as suffering victims of idiosyncratic delusion.

  • Patty

    Any delegate he “wins” or convinces to continue to vote for him has to be unbelievably snowed over. Even if the open convention happens, Cruz will never get the votes he would need to become President. That’s for dang sure, well unless the same bribery and corruption continues. Than Trump didn’t lose anything, it was stolen from him. We need to make sure that never happens. I am sick of this religious, psycho and his followers. He is not a Christian, if anything, he is evil personified.

    • Iamacitizen2

      Exactly right!!!

  • Iamacitizen2

    Here’s a deal…when all the info dump was make last month on the history timeline of Cruz’s family, etc. I saw that Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz’s father was married to a lady from 1959 – 1996 (for 37 years). Then they showed that Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz’s father was married to his mother Eleanor from 1969 – 1997 (for 28 years). Okay so now it looks like his father was a BIGAMIST and that Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz was BORN in Canada OUT OF WEDLOCK….trying to remember that name they call kids born out of wedlock…oh well.

    • Patty

      Just for now, I would like someone’s citizenship not being in question. I want an absolute on this particular issue, because, first…didn’t we have enough of this the last 8 yrs. Second, how can you denounce a citizenship from another country, when you are not to have dual citizenship in the U.S.? (at least you were to decide at 18 yrs. old back in the day.) People will not vote for Cruz on that alone! What’s wrong with him. He should have resolved it in the courts once and for all. What will end up happening is we have an illegal citizen running for President and an Candidate who is under investigation for illegal activities running for President. What is wrong with People?

      • Iamacitizen2

        If you go to site he is an attorney, law professor and running as a write in President in nine (9) states and he also endorsed Mr. Trump. He has a lawsuit in the appellate court in New Jersey regarding Cruz and is filing many more in other States. The reason he is running as a write in is because this gives him “standing” to sue and to stop Cruz in his tracks.

        Prof. Elhauge a professor at Harvard Law filed an Amiscus Brief in March 2016 for some people who filed suit against Cruz and just like all the rest of the lawsuits against Cruz they were thrown out because the people did not have standing. Now Mr. Victor Williams does have “standing” because he filed in nine (9) States that he is an “Actual and REAL contender” in the Presidential race. So, hopefully the case won’t be thrown out in the trash like yesterdays garbage (which in my opinion Cruz is…yesterday’s garbage and in my opinion he is sitting in the Senate illegally and running for President illegally). Like Victor Williams proclaims…
        Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz is a F R A U D.

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      Wow so many lies out of the Cruz family. There’s doubt’s about his father really being a minister too. And apparently his mother was as much of a player as his father. Her first husband says the child she had before Ted that died wasn’t his they were divorced when she got pregnant.

      Wilson makes a brief appearance in Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America,” which was published last year.

      “In 1956, my mom married her first husband, a mathematician named Alan Wilson,” Cruz wrote. The couple moved to London in 1960 after a few years working in the U.S., and Cruz revealed something of a bombshell: his mother had given birth to a son, Michael Wilson, in 1965, who had died a crib death later in the year.

      Cruz wrote about his mother’s devastation: “Losing Michael to crib death broke my mother’s heart, and had a profound effect on her, so much so that I never even knew that I had had a brother until I was a teenager and my mother told me the story.”

      Cruz added, “And the heartbreak also ended her marriage.”

      Wilson, floored to learn that he was mentioned in Cruz’s book, said, in a bombshell of his own, that the account is not accurate: He was not the father of the baby.

      “We were divorced and she was living on her own,” said Wilson. He said that Eleanor asked him if she could use his last name on the birth certificate. When Michael Wilson later died, he said, “I hadn’t even met the baby.”

      • Iamacitizen2

        There was an article that said: Eleanor Wilson put the baby up for adoption in an orphanage and when the little boy was about 6 months old he became ill and passed away. It was sad to read but seemed possible. God bless his soul.

  • PresidentPinocchio

    “Nasty Ted”

    Wait, I thought it was “Lyin’ Ted” lol

  • iKrontologist

    He’s begging again….. only Nasty Ted will end up pissing off his prisoner/hostage bound delegates….. and none of them will show up. They have excuses for not going…. like “I had to take my dog for a walk before he took a Nasty Ted Dump on the Carpet!” or “My sprinkler system got clogged up with Nasty King Sized Ted the (his wife called) Immigrant Cuban….. with this loser’s Over Stuffed LIES!!!”

    No doubt the voters have heard enough from Lyin’ Ted Cruz that they will be sure to bring earplugs if he’s ever allowed to even speak at the RNC! 😀

  • Acecool

    Poor Ted and his fake T.V. evangelical act. Far removed from “WWJD”.
    Prayer does work! soon after, exposed as a con man the world over and instantly started sinking.
    Mr. Haney from Green Acres is not presidential unless you’re Eva Gabor. LOL