Did Trump Play The Washington Post For Fools?

Donald Trump may have just played The Washington Post for fools. He is reportedly at War with the news outlet.

“Trump said that his campaign is being inundated with calls from reporters “asking ridiculous questions” and then pointed out that “this is owned as a toy by Jeff Bezos who controls Amazon.”

“He’s using The Washington Post for power so that the politicians in Washington don’t tax Amazon like they should be taxed,” Trump said on Sean Hannity’s show. “He’s worried about me and I think he said that to somebody, it was in some article where he thinks I would go after him for antitrust because he’s got a huge antitrust problem because he’s controlling so much. Amazon is controlling so much of what they’re doing and what they’ve done is he bought this paper for practically nothing and he’s using that as a tool for political power against me and against other people.”

Trump made these comments after the newspaper’s associate editor, Bob Woodward, said the Post has assigned 20 people to dig up Trump’s past.

Following those comments the Washington Post leaked what they claimed was a 25 year old tape of Donald Trump ‘masquerading as a publicist’.

Here’s the kicker. Sue Carswell, the People magazine reporter whose voice you heard on the tape with the “spokesman”, swears she didn’t leak the tape to anyone.

According to Carswell, the tape went missing 25 years ago after she moved apartments. There was only one copy, and Caswell claimed that Trump would have been the only other person capable of recording the interview.

“Wait a minute. So you’re suggesting Trump leaked this to The Washington Post?” Kelly asked Carswell Friday.

“Yes, yes,” Carswell said.

“Why?” Kelly pressed.

“You got me,” the reporter replied. “He’s done stranger things.”

“Because he loves publicity?” Kelly suggested. “So you’re suggesting he may want us talking about this right now because it generates a news cycle, perhaps?”

“Hello, Donald,” Carswell said.

We may never know for sure since Trump has reportedly denied it is his voice on the tape, but he is famous for the Art of the Deal and getting free press.

  • blacktalk

    He doesn’t need to do anything to get publicity, the media follows him around like a puppy! This is the stupidest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard! Don’t send me anymore of your stupid emails as you are clearly NOT supporting Trump with your drivel!

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      I’m not in charge of the emails but I’m sorry you feel that way. Trump is my guy has been right from the start. Donald Trump is famous for trolling the media and making fools of them. The media is nasty so all the more power to him if he did indeed leak the tape.

    • Miss Annie

      You will only receive emails if you subscribe to them. If you subscribe, you will receive an email for every article thats published. Those are the ONLY emails you will receive. If you would like to stop receiving emails, please look for the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.
      I can also assure you that the writers at this site support Trump. No ifs ands or butts. Undoubtedly. No questions asked.

  • blacktalk

    Hey kelly megan or what ever your name is, is this garbage what you call news?

  • Iamacitizen2

    I laughed so hard almost fell on my chair LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Man that Donald he is so full of surprises…you little stinker…oh dear me I needed a good laugh…I could even hear the guys behind the camera’s cracking up on this one

    a stinger for the WA Post for sure and Kelly too!!!

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      You had the same reaction I did. I thought it was hilarious. Trump is the only one who doesn’t roll over and play dead. Notice WaPo isn’t doing any expose’s on Hillary and believe me there’s a lot of skeleton’s in the Clinton numerous closets. As for Bezos this is my plan.

  • Thomas Mack

    I think these arrogant tech lib globalist CEO’s (just like sports, music, and TV/film stars) need to be smarter, and keep their politics to themselves,(or at least be more civil and fair) because, I never follow all of the above, and now, I’ll stop using Amazon, which used to be my fave.

    • Miss Annie

      Some ladies in the facebook group have suggested Jet.com. I had never heard of it, but they said its even better than Amazon. 🙂 I am willing to try to ditch Amazon! 🙂

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